What could Zelda BOTW possibly improve

Zelda BOTW is a wonderful game, it is the best open world rpg game I have ever played (last I said this is Witcher 3). Link can do almost anything in the game, but I think there are still some actions for him can be added into the game to improve the gameplay. Here is my opinion.

  1. Rolling I like to dodge enemy's' attacks by rolling, I was very uncomfortable at the beginning of the game that I couldn't roll to avoid being damaged.

  2. Crafting Crafting is always fun in games, I spent a lot of hours in crafting weapons and armors in other RPG games, but in BOTW you can only craft several weapons when they are destroyed or lost, and you can't upgrade the weapons.

  3. Diving (swimming under water) Water covers a massive area of The kingdom of Hyrule, there is a water reservoir, rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands. It seems that it has its own water cycle system. But unfortunately, Link can't dive into the water to discover the underwater world.

  4. Item storage Managing the weapons is a pain in the ass in BOTW, with limited slots in early games, sometimes you have to drop your weapons for other better weapons. It would be wonderful to have a box that can store the items you want to save for later or just simply collect.

  5. Cost stamina to attack, block, jump, and dodge This one I am not quite sure because I think BOTW is already a quite challenging game either fighting or puzzle solving. But would it be more interesting to add this feature or it would make this game like Dark Souls.

Any other features are worth adding into the game to make it better?

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