What are your thoughts, if this game had another server with resets/seasons?

This is just an idea I had. I'm not trying to change the game, I just want to toss the idea out there and see what folks think. =>

I know that the Dev's plans for Albion Online include just the one server, but follow me in imagination real quick. What if there was a server that has a reset every three months, placed in the Royal Continent only (for this to work, I think the regular black zone would just be too vast of an area for this "Mode"), but where besides the first couple areas, it's mostly blackzoned out aside from the outer rim. The goal? Besides there being a kill board for the server where players can compete to be the best, for guilds, there could be something like Guild-control of areas that go in a line of some sort to the Red-Zone city to the corresponding Blue city, for however long they can hold them for a "Top Guild" spot and maybe some cosmetics that persist every season (this is all set in the future of albion that'll have some sweet sweet cosmetics ;D ).

There would obviously have to be some tweaks to the fame/silver rates (3x maybe?), because everyone would start from scratch again when the new Season hits, and the only real con I could see would be folks having an issue with having to farm up again. I honestly think it would be pretty fun having seasons, because it would emulate a fresh start, which is where I think Albion will have the most players in it's lifetime online at once, as it is for most MMOs when they start off.

Right now I'm trying to think how this would be profitable for the Dev's to make some money off this idea, and how to address the whole "Starting gold" bit so it's not imbalanced with whales from each season start.

I'd like to hear what you guys think. If possible, I'd like to see if anyone could add to this idea! If this were to happen, what would make sense for this to be fun for folks?

Thank you for reading!

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