What Allied meant to me

I'm aware this is going to be one of a thousand posts like this, but I feel like I need to post it somewhere.

Almost a year ago today, my mum told me that she had cancer. She had avoided telling me for a while so as not to distract me from exams (just goes to show the type of mother she is), but after more and more frequent visits to the hospital, I began to suspect. In late June, she was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumour growing in her bowel. After a pretty straightforward surgery, she recovered in hospital for just over a week, and then was able to leave. Aside from monthly blood tests, she does not need any more treatment. It's only now that I'm beginning to fully recognise how lucky she was. How lucky I am. How easily something could have gone wrong, or if she didn't get checked in time. It's terrifying to think about how cancer could happen to anyone, at any time.

I think what made Allied so special is how he reacted in the face of cancer. What is for most people seen as an unbelievably scary, unbeatable foe, that's only aim is to strip your life from you. And you know what Allied did? He laughed. Allied was strong enough to laugh in the face of cancer, and I think that's really what inspired this community. It wasn't his godly smite skill, or his fantastic memes. It was his strength. His strength to be able to laugh about something that scary, and say "I'm gonna beat you". And he did. He beat cancer, and he went out on his own terms. Death does not define the battle, and Allied's death does certainly not define his. His memory continues not only with Smite and with this community, but with all those still fighting.


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