Weird question but, How should I play Nier?

I played the original and I know what to expect story-wise to some extent.

But I'm a bit… confused by the world traveling and it's sidequests… I have about 8 hours of playtime and I just made the huge hole after destroying the (Goliath)?

Now i'm level 14 and I could see that some side-quests have level 35 ennemies that takes forever to kill… I have access to a bunch of places etc.

I get a very Dark Souls feel of map and was tempted to do all the side-quests that I could do right now. (photographs, stamps for the amusement park etc.) before continuing the story.

But something feels off… so many stuff that I can't access… so many chests that I can't open… I feel really lost right now. Which is not something I felt playing the original. Maybe I shouldn't be asking this but should I just keep doing the main quest? am I going to go back to all these areas multiple times again and again so that I shouldn't bother walking alllll the way to every single side-quests. (is there really no way to fast travel at this point?)

My time is limited at the moment, I play about 1 hour a day…

I guess I'm looking for beginner's advice… ? 🙂 Sorry if this is a dumb thread.

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