Weekly reminder that if chests exists it´s because they are profitable.

Well, it seems like r/Smite has to be constantly reminded that Smite is an absolutely fully playable free-to-play game that has no form of pay-to-win bullshit. This, for the player, it´s the best case scenario of obtaining videogame entertainment, but it´s incredibly tricky and hard to maintain for a company if you don´t find a way to make players want to pay for your 100% free gameplay.

Go figure, adding payable cosmetics it´s one of the easiest and at the same time one of the most effective ways to earn money with your game, because we, as players, are addicted to looking cool in-game, and we are also addicted to showing other players we look cooler than them in-game.

And there is no scam here, because you know right off the bat what you are paying for: worthless cool pixels and absolutely nothing else because skins don´t enhance your gameplay skill or give you any sort of unfair stat advantage (and no, Sunstar Ra, Dark Lord SWC and friends are not game changing enough to claim Smite is "pay-to-win").

"But chests are a scam because they fill them with shit you don´t want, particularly 55 item chests".

No, it´s not a scam because in the description of the chest it clearly states that it´s pure chance, and that you are willingly gambling in order to get the sexy/cool/funny skin you desire. If this system still exists within the game, it´s because Hi-Rez sees that it´s indeed making money, but that´s not Hi-Rez´s fault or Hi-Rez being "fucking greedy assholes", mainly because they have to make money from their free-to-play game somehow to begin with.

If anything, It´s our fault because there are many players that love to gamble and that buy chests non-stop. If players stopped buying them, the system would change.

And no, I´m not stating in any way, shape or form that this system it´s not flawed, because it is and could definetely be improved in order to make it more non-whale-consumer friendly.

What I´m trying to say it´s that it´s not an "unfair system" or a "scam", like many say here in r/Smite, because that´s a bullshit and incongruent argument if you want to enjoy a full free-to-play game experience on top of having cheap cosmetics that take time and resources to develop.

If you are against the current system, I encourage you to go ahead and not spend a single gem on chests. And to reply in the comment section of their skin announcements (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook…) with something in the lines of: "This skin it´s not directly purchasable, a shame because I´d would pay for it if it was", you know, interact and critizice with the part non-Smite players see when they promote the game in order to make something happen because crying with pointless tantrums on r/Smite it´s not gonna do anything in case you haven´t figured that out already.

I´m not kissing Hi-Rez´s boots here, I´m just explaining what I consider some people simply cannot understand how they love to throw mindless tantrums without actual reasoning.

And here´s a list of suggestions to improve the current system, because sure, even though I´m not against chests, I´m quite dissapointed with some of their decisions like making 55 item chests a staple of every patch or two:

  • Every single exclusive skin can be directly bought from the store, but they have a considerably higher price than usual, 800-1000 gems, but can also be purchased in chests with the current system. This encourages players to make a choice, if you hate gambling for the skin you desire in a chest you have little to no cosmetics from then you can directly buy it, and those who feel lucky, or, already have most of the cosmetics, can directly gamble for it in a a chest for a considerably lower price and better gem value per item.

  • No more wards, icons, recolors or other stuff that´s clearly not worth gems inside chests.

  • Remove 55 Item Chests (200 gems per roll) from the game, chests now can only have a maximum of 16-20 items and most of them have around 8. Collectionists buy everything anyways and people that don´t want to spend as much money have a better chance of getting the skin they want, so they spend money, thus Hi-Rez makes more money.

  • The chest page shows a list of all the items available inside said chests, no more waiting for the Smite Wiki to update it.

  • Re-model the fugly and outdated skins that are purposedly added as filler in chests. Like Stormbringer Zeus and friends.

Tl;Dr: Hi-Rez needs to make money in order to maintain their free-to-play, no pay-to-win model that we all love. Their most effective way so far it´s by placing cool skins in chests. This is not a scam like people claim it is because you willingly gamble for them. If you don´t like the system, then don´t pay for it. The system can be improved upon though.

PD: I made a similar post in the past saying almost the same things I´ve just written, but copypasting it or linking it for the self-promotion it´s simply scummy in my eyes.

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