Week of March 7-13 Competitive Megathread – SCL, OPL, and more!

New to watching competitive Smite? Seasoned watcher who is just looking for their weekly fix? Look no further! Here you will find the overview of last week's competitive games, as well as discussion and predictions for the games that will be played this week! As always, discussion is 100% encouraged.

SPL is on a break this week, but there is always more Smite to watch! Enjoy some of the less watched leagues this week, and the SPL will be back next week!

Continued thanks to the Smite EsportsWikis page for their readily available statistics, as I would have a hard time keeping up with so many brackets.

This week this post will discuss the following (in this order):

  • Last Week Recap

  • Oceanic Pro League – Fall Split Week 4 Discussion and Predictions

  • Smite Console League – Spring Split Week 3 Discussion and Predictions

  • NA/EU Challenger Circuit – Relegations Discussion

  • Copa Smite Latinoamerica – Split 1 Week 2 Discussion

  • Brazil Gaming League – Split 1 Week 2 Discussion

  • AVGL –

Last Week Recap


Last Week's Megathread

In Europe

  • Elevate had some roster changes, putting in Nulisa and N0Numbers for mid and solo, respectively. These changes proved fruitful, as Elevate snagged a game win against both Dignitas and Obey this week.

  • CycloneGG had an interesting week, as well. They snagged a game win against Lion Guard on Thursday, which was expected, but they also took a game off the World Champs minus Yammyn.

  • Valance Squadron took the set pretty easily over Lion Guard. Dignitas took the set 2-0 over Sanguine, but Sanguine put up a good fight in the first game and started to look like they could be a solid team.

  • In the Challenger Cup – Optimus Gang, with new mid Tynz, took the set 2-0 over New Game Plus, with new solo Vastrakal. THY AI split their set with Deserted. Deserted and New Game Plus make it to the next round of the Circuit, and THY AI and Optimus Gang fall to relegations.

  • In the SCL Relegations: TMNT 4 LYFE and Retribution make it into the SCL, joining Rival and Cyclone in the 4 man pod.

In North America

  • In a surprising turn of events, Noble took a set off In Memory of Gabe after a very long second game. However, Noble themselves dropped a set to Flash Point, who secured their first two wins of the split.

  • In similar fashion, Allegiance snagged a solid set over eUnited, but they fell fairly easily to Luminosity on Sunday.

  • In Memory of Gabe came back from their Thursday set to snag a game win over Eager to split the set. Meanwhile, eUnited took a set win over SoaR via forfeit due to some issues.

  • In the Challenger Circuit: SPL Gatekeepers split with Quignitas in an extremely contentious set. Meanwhile, Primal Militia split with Astral Authority. Quignitas took the first seed into the next Circuit, while SPL Gatekeepers had to play against Primal Militia in a tiebreaker game. In a 41 minute game, SPL Gatekeepers keep their Circuit spot, and Primal Militia joined Astral Authority in Relegations.

  • In the SCL: My Guys dominated Eternity and took the set pretty cleanly. Elevate managed to take a game off SoaR alongside Michael Checo's Hel ADC, but SoaR answered back to split the set. Meanwhile, in a huge upset, the world champs in Obey fell 2-0 to Strictly Business.

In Oceania

  • A hotfix disallowed the OPL from being broadcasted, according to Rowe on Twitter. However, we do know that Dire Wolves smacked down Dark Sided (36-5 total kills across the set, according to Rowe) and also beat Kanga Esports again.

  • Meanwhile, Legacy took the set 2-0 over Noxide, and Avant Garde grabbed a set win against Kanga.

In Brazil

  • According to /u/TheServantofHelix, Warlive took the game over Eternal Rally, and Valhalla took a game over RED Canids. More information will be sought.

In Latin America

  • Some games were not broadcast. In those games, Isurus defeated Leoncito, LichT deveated Valorous, Nocturns defeated Sky or Hell, and 404: Name Not Found defeated Sexy Fox.

  • In the broadcast games, Coliseo Dragons took a convincing game 1 but lost the second game to Road to Masters. Meanwhile, Los Chilly Willys took the set over Artyk in an extremely close game 2.

OPL Season 4 Fall Split Week 4 – Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday and Sunday, 3/11 @ 2am EST/5pm AEDT/8am CET and 3/12 @ 3am EST/6pm AEDT/9am CET

The OPL Fall Split is almost halfway done! In 5 sets, Dire Wolves still have not dropped a game, and Noxide, unfortunately, has yet to win one. Will either of these statistics change this week?


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

Current Scores

Team Win Split Loss Points
Dire Wolves 5 0 0 15
Legacy 3 1 0 10
Avant Garde 2 0 2 6
Dark Sided 1 2 1 5
Kanga 0 1 4 1
Noxide 0 0 4 0

Week 4 Schedule

  • Legacy v Dire Wolves: Legacy has looked pretty good this split, and they have currently solidified their second seed spot. However, it's hard to vote against the Regional champions in Dire Wolves, especially as they haven't dropped a game. Legacy definitely has potential to take a game here, so you can vote that way if you wish, but the safest vote is 2-0 to Dire Wolves.

  • Avant Garde v Dark Sided: Both teams are close in standings, and they look relatively even in play, as well. Dark Sided did give Legacy their only loss so far, but they also dropped a game to Kanga in week 1. The most likely thought behind this set is a 1-1 split, but it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see one of these teams 2-0 in the right circumstances.

  • Noxide v Kanga: This is Noxide's chance to grab their first game win this split. However, Kanga seems a little better than their game win percentage would hint. This could easily be a split or a set win to Kanga, but the slightly safer guess here is a 1-1 split.

  • Kanga v Dark Sided: If Kanga does very well or Dark Sided does extremely poorly on Saturday, this vote could easily change. Kanga did give Dark Sided a loss in week 1, but they also haven't looked particularly good since then. Dark Sided, to be fair, currently only has a set win over Noxide. This one is going to be hard to call. 1-1 split and 2-0 to Dark Sided both seem to be perfectly viable thoughts, and I have a difficult time deciding between the two.

  • Avant Garde v Noxide: If Avant Garde can 2-0 Kanga, they should be able to 2-0 Noxide fairly easily as well. In fact, they did in the first week. A 2-0 to Avant Garde is a very safe bet here.

SCL Season 4 Spring Split – Week 3 Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV – Monday, Mar 13 @ 1pm EST/7pm CET

Last week of the SCL was crazy, and this week may be even crazier, given the matchups. EU also joins the SCL this week, and matchups for them will be added later when it is known which teams play this week.

Meet the Teams

Rosters will be updated in the above spreadsheet soon.

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
My Guys 2 0 0 6
Strictly Business 1 1 0 4
Obey 1 0 1 3
SoaR 0 2 0 2
Elevate 0 1 1 1
Eternity 0 0 2 0

Week 3 Schedule



  • Obey v My Guys: This will be a very interesting set. Obey dropped a set to the formerly lower seed Strictly Business, and My Guys have been on a tear against some of the middle of the pack teams. However, they haven't played against Strictly Business or Obey yet. This set feels like a 1-1 split, with the possibility of a set win from either side.

  • Strictly Business v Elevate: With Strictly Business taking a set off Obey last week, this one is up in the air. Elevate looks a bit weak as a squad for now, but they could snag another win through… should we call it cheese?… like they did last week with the Hel ADC. A cautious 2-0 to Strictly Business makes sense here – but keep in mind that the set could also easily split.

  • Eternity v SoaR: SoaR looks solid, but not great, this split. However, Eternity doesn't really look to be of that calibre. This one may be really hard to call, seeing as SoaR looks better than Eternity but also hasn't secured a full set yet. A 1-1 split or a 2-0 to SoaR are both fine options to pick.

NA/EU Challenger Circuit Relegations – Discussion


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday, Mar 11 @ 10:30am EST/4:30pm CET and Sunday, Mar 12 @ 11:30am EST/5:30pm CET. At ~1pm EST/7pm CET, when the SPL starts, stream will migrate to https://twitch.tv/tiermonster

Official Tiermonster page for the Challenger's Circuit

With Optimus Gang, THY AI, Primal Militia, and Astral Authority falling to the relegations, there is a chance for new blood in the Challenger's Circuit.

  • In EU, Optimus Gang and THY AI are joined by UnderRated and The Papis in relegations.

  • In NA, Primal Militia and Astral Authority meet up with Most Wanted and Hcker.

The tournament structure this weekend will be a Round Robin, and each region will play all matches in their one day. Each match is a 2-game set, so 12 games (before possible tiebreakers) will be played for each region this weekend to determine who makes it back into the Challenger Circuit. Come out and watch these teams fight for the chance to eventually make it into the SPL!

Season 4 CPL Spring Split – Week 1 Discussion


Where to Watch: https://twitch.tv/leveluplatam Tues-Fri, Mar 7-10, at 7pm EST/1am CET

Week 2 of the CPL is here! Last week was filled with multiple set wins for a number of teams – we will see if this week is filled with more of the same, or if some teams prevent the winning teams from getting further ahead.

Current Scores

CPL North

Team Win Split Loss Points
LichT 1 0 0 3
Los Chilly Willys 1 0 0 3
404: Name Not Found 1 0 0 3
Valorous 0 0 1 0
Artyk 0 0 1 0
Sexy Fox 0 0 1 0

CPL South

Team Win Split Loss Points
Nocturns 1 0 0 3
Isurus 1 0 0 3
Coliseo Dragons 0 1 0 1
Road to Masters 0 1 0 1
Leoncito 0 0 1 0
Sky or Hel 0 0 1

Week 2 Schedule

Most games in the CPL for week 1 did not air on stream, so it is difficult to determine how each team played against each other for the most part. For North, LichT is your regional champion from season 3 so they are likely to still do well. Not much still is known about many of the other CPL North teams. In the South, Isurus was the regional runner-up in the fall, so expect them to do well. Nocturns also performed fine in the fall, as did Coliseo Dragons, although both had some roster changes. This section will hopefully be more filled out once we see more games on stream.

Brazil Gaming League Spring Split Week 2 – Discussion


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/x5tv or https://twitch.tv/alienigena404 (?) Tues-Wed, March 7-8 @~7pm EST/1am CET

Brazil is an interesting region. Unofrtunately, a number of their games haven't been streamed, and the schedule they are following appears to be different than the schedule on the Season Ticket. Therefore, predictions are going to be more difficult. Also, the games appear to come up on different streams when they are streamed, as noted above, so it is difficult to lock down when and where games actually take place. Therefore, predictions for this week are not wholly useful as the games may not even take place until next week or the week previously. Apologies, everyone.

AVGL Spring Tournament – Week 3 Discussion


Where to watch: https://www.twitch.tv/avgl Thurs and Sat, Mar 9 & 11 @ 5pm EST/11pm CET

AVGL is entering its third week of its main bracket, standings for which can be found here. Some teams have begun to solidify themselves at the top with solid 4-0 standings (such as Stony Brook and Southwestern), while others are still climbing their way up. AVGL schedule for the week can be found on this page. The regular season lasts for another month and a half, so anything can change for any of these teams as they fight for the goal of playing on LAN at HiRez studios later this spring. Go watch and support the collegiate side of the Smite competitive scene!

Did I miss something? Want to discuss the predictions and/or add your own to the post? Just hype in general for the first week of SPL action in Season 4? Let me know in the comments!

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