Week of March 14-21 Competitive Megathread – SPL, OPL, SCL, and more!

New to watching competitive Smite? Seasoned watcher who is just looking for their weekly fix? Look no further! Here you will find the overview of last week's competitive games, as well as discussion and predictions for the games that will be played this week! As always, discussion is 100% encouraged.

The SPL is back this week, both regions of the SCL are now in full gear, and the first split of the BGL is coming to a close. Meanwhile, we may have our first Smite Masters qualifier this weekend if certain matches go the right way!

Continued thanks to the Smite EsportsWikis page for their readily available statistics, as I would have a hard time keeping up with so many brackets. Also shoutouts to /u/Necromann for discussing brackets, games, and predictions with me!

This week this post will discuss the following (in this order):

  • Last Week Recap

  • Smite Pro League – Spring Split Week 4 Discussion and Predictions

  • Oceanic Pro League – Fall Split Week 5 Discussion and Predictions

  • Smite Console League – Spring Split Week 4 Discussion and Predictions

  • NA/EU Challenger Circuit – Second Spring RR Week 1 Discussion

  • Copa Smite Latinoamerica – Split 1 Week 3 Discussion and Predictions

  • Brazil Gaming League – Split 1 Week 3 Discussion and Predictions

  • AVGL – Spring Split Week 4 Discussion

  • Community Tournaments

Last Week Recap


Last Week's Megathread

In Europe

  • In the Challenger Circuit Relegations, Optimus Gang split with The Papis, with a pretty contentious game 2 between them. Then, the Papis defeated THA AI pretty handily in both games. Off stream, Optimus Gang also defeated THY AI as well as UnderRated, and THY AI and UnderRated split with each other. The Papis rounded out the night with a single game win against UnderRated. Optimus Gang and The Papis secured their spot in the second round of the Spring Circuit.

  • In the SCL, TMNT 4 LYFE managed to defeat CAZ Esports with a sweet Aphro + Kali composition in game 1 and a dominant performance from a more "normal" composition in the second game. Meanwhile, Team Rival defeated Quantum Esports solidly in two games.

In North America

  • In the Challenger Circuit Relegations, Most Wanted split the first streamed set with Primal Militia in two one-sided games. In the off stream match, Astral Authority defeated Commitent Committee. On stream, the new Astral Authority roster played extremely well against Most Wanted to secure the first spot in the Circuit for the second round. Off stream, Primal Militia split with both CommComm and Astral Authority. However, CommComm defeated Most Wanted in the last match of the night, taking the final spot in the Circuit.

  • In the SCL, My Guys and Obey had an extremely contentious game 1, and then My Guys played an extremely solid game 2 to win the set against the World Champs. Meanwhile, Strictly Business took two games against Elevate in a solid set overall. Finally, SoaR forced two quick F6s out of eRa Eternity to finish off the day.

In Oceania

  • On Saturday, Dire Wolves shut out Legacy in the first game of their set, and then Dire Wolves came back from a fair deficit to snag the set 2-0. Avant Garde managed to take out Dark Sided in the first game of their set, but then Dark Sided largely stomped game 2. In the final set of the night, Noxide took their first game of the league with a solid game win over Kanga, and then Kanga won a pretty contentious game 2.

  • On Sunday, Dark Sided took 2 fairly quick games against Kanga Esports. Then, Avant Garde took the first game against Noxide, but Noxide managed to take the second game to earn their second point of the split.

In Latin America

  • On Tuesday, Isurus took two fairly quick games against Sky or Hell, and then LichT grabbed two quick wins against Sexy Fox.

  • On Wednesday, Road To Masters took the first game solidly against Leoncito, but then Leoncito came back in game two to split the set. Meanwhile, Valorous played an extremely close set against against Los Chilly Willys, winning both games.

  • On Thursday, Nocturns took both games over the Coliseo Dragons fairly convincingly, but in somewhat long games. After that, Artyk took two off of 404: Name Not Found in two pretty close games.

  • On Friday, Isurus took a quick game off of Road to Masters. However, RTM turned it around and took a solid game off Isurus in game 2. LichT versus Los Chilly Willys was not streamed, but LichT won the set.

In Brazil

  • On Tuesday, Black Dragons took the game over RED Canids in convincing fashion, Valhalla snagged a very quick game over Eternal Rally, and Cooldown took a solid game over Warlive Esports, despite Warlive putting up some contesting.

  • On Wednesday, RED Canids took a very dominant game over Eternal Rally, Valhalla took a similarly hot game against Cooldown, and Black Dragons defeated Warlive.

Season 4 SPL Spring Split – Week 4 Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Mar 16, 18, and 19, 1pm EST/6pm CET

The SPL is back! Teams were given an extra week to work on some teamwork and strategy with the upcoming patch just coming in, and they have to really work hard to finalize their chances for LAN in the back half of the split. This is the second to last week of the split, so teams need to get the ball rolling if they want to dodge the Gauntlet.


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
Dignitas 3 1 0 10
Valance Squadron 3 1 0 10
Obey 2 1 0 7
NRG 1 2 1 5
Lion Guard 1 2 2 5
Elevate 0 3 1 3
Cyclone 0 2 2 2
Sanguine 0 0 4 0


Team Win Split Loss Points
Luminosity 3 1 0 10
Eager 2 2 0 8
eUnited 2 1 1 7
In Memory of Gabe 2 1 1 7
Noble 1 2 2 5
Allegiance 1 1 2 4
Flash Point 1 0 3 3
SoaR 0 0 3 0

Week 4 Schedule

EU/NA – Thursday, 3/16 @1pm EDT

  • Valance Squadron v Obey Alliance: This is the first of many nuts sets that will play out this week, and this one might be one of the biggest of the entire weekend. Both teams are extremely good right now, and both are also very flexible in playstyles as well as team compositions. Either team has the potential to take this set if one shows up more than the other, but the safe bet here, seeing as both teams are just that strong, is a 1-1 split.

  • Allegiance v Eager: This one is not quite as huge of a game as the previous one, but it still has some large implications. Eager has looked good so far, but they have dropped two games to teams that many consider to be around the middle of the pack currently. Allegiance has had somewhat of a rough split so far themselves, with a slightly negative W/L so far. Eager is more likely to take both games here, but it is not out of the question for Allegiance to snag a game win at all. This is a tentative 2-0 to Eager.

  • Flash Point v SoaR: SoaR just picked up fineokay for the solo lane, who has potential to be a great pickup. Flash Point is also coming up out of the rubble with their first two game wins against Noble in week 3. In Necromann's own words, "¯(ツ)/¯". This set is up in the air completely, so a 1-1 split makes the most sense here.

  • Dignitas v NRG: This should be a really strong set. NRG is even hyping it up to potentially be a SWC Grand Finals preview on Twitter. NRG has looked a bit subpar so far this split, but they definitely could have ground out this bye week. Dignitas, meanwhile, has looked solid overall, with with only a single game loss so far to Elevate. This is tentatively a 1-1 split, as NRG has so far looked beatable against the top teams of EU, and Dignitas (so far) has looked like they are in contention for that realm.

EU – Saturday, 3/18 @1pm EDT

  • Lion Guard v NRG: Unless NRG looks absolutely terrible on Thursday against Dignitas, this set definitely feels as though it is in their favor. Lion Guard has not had a particularly solid split so far, with a 40% game win rate so far without having played NRG or Obey yet. This should be a solid 2-0 to NRG.

  • Dignitas v Obey: The third big boy EU set of the week may be a big detemining factor as to who qualifies for LAN. This set may also be very dependent on Thursday's results. Currently, this set feels pretty close, with a potential slight edge to Obey so long as they don't have another weird draft. This is likely to be a 1-1 split.

  • Elevate v Valance Squadron: Elevate has looked solid against some of the top tier teams in Europe, taking a game each off of Obey and Dignitas in week 3. Meanwhile, Valance has still looked really strong overall – although if they look weak against Obey on Thursday, that could turn some heads. This could very easily be a 2-0 to Valance or a 1-1 split, however you see it best.

  • CycloneGG v Sanguine: This is Sanguine's best spot to win a game this split, and likely their only chance to do so, as well. Cyclone, according to many people, has looked phenomenal in scrims, but so far it has not translated very well to the SPL. However, they did manage to take a game off of a crippled NRG last week, so they could ride that momentum into this game. This should be a 2-0 to Cyclone if they can manage to keep their heads on straight and play the game that their scrim partners know they can play.

NA – Sunday, 3/19 @1pm EDT

  • Noble v Eager: Noble had a whirlwind of a week last week. They managed to take 2 games off of Gabe in spectacular fashion (each game for different reasons), but then they dropped 2 straight to Flash Point later that week. They are still pretty inconsistent overall, but they have high potential. Eager has dropped a few games to some mid-level teams overall, but it is difficult to vote for that to happen. This sounds like it should be a 2-0 to Eager, but don't count Noble out completely.

  • Allegiance v SoaR: This set is extremely contingent on how SoaR looks against Flash Point on Thursday, especially with regards to fineokay's performance. Going into this blind, Allegiance currently has the upper hand in this set, and they definitely feel like the favorites. However, SoaR could potentially surprise us if they have good synergy with their new solo laner. This feels like a 2-0 to Allegiance, but this is one of the most likely votes to change this week based on a Thursday set if SoaR shows up.

  • eUnited v Flash Point: eUnited had a rough game against Allegiance last week with their own new solo laner, Benji. If FP continues to improve after their first set win last week, there is solid potential for them to take a game here. However, if eUnited works out some of their kinks from week 3, they should look solid, as well. The results of this set will determine whether eUnited is upper- or lower-midtier. This is a potential 2-0 to eUnited, but Flash Point could definitely ride last week's momentum here to take a game.

  • Luminosity v In Memory of Gabe: Start the week out strong, end the week strong. This should be one of the best NA sets all week, and it's coming as the final set of the week. Both teams have looked solid overall, dropping a few random games here and there (both teams dropped at least one game each to Noble, which is interesting). Gabe pulled off a solid comeback against Eager last week after they got swept in game 1, so they definitely have the resolve to play into a difficult matchup. This feels like a 1-1 split, with an edge to Luminosity – they are likely a slightly stronger team, but not enough so to give them a solid set win.

OPL Season 4 Fall Split Week 5 – Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday and Sunday, 3/18 @ 2am EST/5pm AEDT/8am CET and 3/19 @ 3am EDT/6pm AEDT/8am CET


The OPL is over halfway over! Dire Wolves have almost clinched their spots in the Smite Masters tournament, and they will do so if they win both their sets this weekend. Noxide is also out of the 0-point gutter, which means that all of OCE is at least somewhat contentious. With 3 weeks left in OCE, we will have to see whether another team can knock Dire Wolves off their pedestal.


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

Current Scores

Team Win Split Loss Points
Dire Wolves 5 0 0 15
Legacy 3 1 1 10
Dark Sided 2 3 1 9
Avant Garde 2 2 2 8
Noxide 0 2 4 2
Kanga 0 2 5 2

Week 5 Schedule

  • Legacy v Dark Sided: Dark Sided is the only team so far besides Dire Wolves to take a game off of Legacy so far. They also have looked pretty good against most of the other teams in Oceania, solidifying themselves as a strong midtier team for now. Both teams look solid right now, and they are pretty comparable in strength overall, so a 1-1 split makes a lot of sense here.

  • Dire Wolves v Noxide: Noxide got some good wins last week against Kanga and Avant Garde, but there is no way that they get another one here. This is a pretty clean 2-0 to Dire Wolves.

  • Kanga v Avant Garde: Kanga has had a rough split so far, only finding single game wins against Noxide and Dark Sided. The last time this match played out, Avant Garde 2-0'ed it. With Avant Garde's split against Dark Sided last week, it makes a bit more sense to give the edge to AVG here. Expect a likely, but not definite, 2-0 to Avant Garde. It definitely has the potential to split, but if Avant Garde is playing at their best then it probably shouldn't.

  • Legacy v Dire Wolves: You can't pick against the undefeated region champs, even if they're the second place team in the region. Also, Legacy kind of got stomped by Dire Wolves last week, so that is another reason to vote for the Dire Wolves. Vote for the Dire Wolves. 2-0 to Dire Wolves.

SCL Season 4 Spring Split – Week 4 Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV – Monday, Mar 20 @ 1pm EDT/6pm CET

With Week 3 of NA and week 1 of EU down for the count, we're on the back half of the Spring Split of the SCL. Some of the NA standings are still somewhat surprising, while EU is looking pretty normal overall, for now.

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
My Guys 3 0 0 9
Strictly Business 2 1 0 7
SoaR 1 2 0 5
Obey 1 0 2 3
Elevate 0 1 2 1
Eternity 0 0 3 0


Team Win Split Loss Points
Rival 1 0 0 3
TMNT 4 Lyfe 1 0 0 3
CAZ 0 0 1 0
Quantum 0 0 1 0

Week 4 Schedule


  • TMNT 4 Lyfe v Quantum: TMNT looked really solid last week, although it was against CAZ, who looked like the weakest team in the EU SCL last week. Quantum also had trouble against Rival last week, so this potentially sets these two teams in the middle of the pack for now unless one breaks out this set. This might be a 1-1 split without a real edge currently, as we don't know as much about how these teams look yet.

  • Rival v CAZ: Rival looked great last week, while CAZ looked not great against TMNT. It makes a lot of sense to give this one 2-0 to Rival, given their history in the EU SCL and each team's games last week.


  • Strictly Business v My Guys: This set is one that, at the beginning of the split, many would not have expected to be one of the most hype sets of the entire NA SCL. Both teams have looked phenomenal the last two weeks, each 2-0ing Obey and one other team in their last two sets. These are the top two teams in NA currently, and it is not extremely likely that that is going to change after this week. My Guys is probably favored, but maybe not to the point of being likely to take the set. A 2-0 to My Guys or a 1-1 split both make sense, depending on how you feel.

  • SoaR v Obey: Obey has dropped two sets now, falling to fourth in the standings, but they are still maybe better than their record currently shows. SoaR has looked fine, but not great recently, splitting twice against Strictly Business and Elevate. This set will likely determine where Obey truly falls on the spectrum from good to okay. Obey could fall behind due to a lack of momentum here, but for now it still feels like they should take at least one game here. A 1-1 split makes sense, with this set being pretty difficult overall.

  • Elevate v Eternity: This is probably Eternity's only chance to take a game for the rest of the split, but it is unsure as to whether they will actually take one or not. Elevate has not looked amazing this split, but they at least look better than Eternity. There are too many questions hanging around Eternity's head, so a 2-0 to Elevate makes sense, but don't completely count out Elevate here.

NA/EU Challenger Circuit Relegations – Discussion


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday, Mar 18 @ 10:30am EDT/3:30pm CET and Sunday, Mar 19 @ 11:30am EST/5:30pm CET. At ~1pm EDT/6pm CET, when the SPL starts, stream will migrate to https://twitch.tv/tiermonster

Official Tiermonster page for the Challenger's Circuit

The first new week of the Circuit is here! The new teams are joining those that dodged the relegations for the first new week of the Circuit.

Week 1 Schedule

In Europe

  • Will be updated when we know what sets are going on

In North America

  • Will be updated when we know what sets are going on

Season 4 CSL Spring Split – Week 3 Discussion


Where to Watch: https://twitch.tv/leveluplatam Wed-Fri, Mar 7-10, at 7pm EST/12am CET

The CSL is getting into the thick of it and is moving to the middle of the split. LichT and Isurus are generally topping the charts in each of their respective regions, but a few teams are nipping at their heels at the moment. Will we see the same two teams continue to top the region?

Current Scores

CSL North

Team Win Split Loss Points
LichT 3 0 0 9
Artyk 1 0 1 3
404: Name Not Found 1 0 1 3
Valorous 1 0 1 3
Los Chilly Willys 1 0 2 3
Sexy Fox 0 0 2 0

CSL South

Team Win Split Loss Points
Isurus 2 1 0 7
Nocturns 2 0 0 6
Road To Master 0 3 0 3
Coliseo Dragons 0 1 1 1
Leoncito 0 1 1 1
Sky or Hell 0 0 2 0

Week 3 Schedule

  • Sky of Hell v Coliseo Dragons: The Dragons look a little better this split with a win against RTM under their belts, but it is unsure as to whether that means they are significantly better than SKY. A 1-1 split makes sense here, but don't completely count either team out.

  • Sexy Fox v Artyk: Sexy Fox has not looked particularly good so far, while Artyk has seemed to solidify themselves around the middle of the pack. They look like a stronger team in the region, with fair potential for second still in North at the moment. This is likely a 2-0 to Artyk.

  • Leoncito v Nocturns: Nocturns is showing up this split, proving that they are potentially a top team in the South. They do, however, only have set wins against currently bottom seeded teams, so they will need to be careful. Meanwhile, Leoncito's game win was against RTM and game losses were against RTM and Isurus, so their 1-3 score may not correlate with their skill level. A 1-1 split or a 2-0 to Nocturns would both make sense here.

  • Valorous v Name Not Found: Valorous has actually looked pretty solid this split, defying their 2-2 game score. Their only loss is to LichT, which makes sense, and they look good. 404 looks fine, but they have some glaring losses that could set them back. I want to give this one a 2-0 to Valorous, but don't completely count out 404 here.

  • Coliseo Dragons v Isurus: Isurus dropped a game last week to RTM, but they are still a very solid team and should very likely take the set here. 2-0 to Isurus.

  • Artyk v LichT: LichT should basically always win their sets – they look to be better than everyone else in the North by far. This should be a solid 2-0 to LichT.

Season 4 BGL Spring Split – Week 3 Discussion


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/x5tv Tues-Wed, March 14-15 @~7pm EST/12am CET

The BGL is entering its final week! The Black Dragons and Valhalla are the top teams in the region, but only one can make it to LAN. However, there are teams that could upset one or both of them during this week that could complicate who goes to LAN. With the region being Best of 1s, anything goes!

Current Scores

Team Win Loss Points
Black Dragons 3 0 3
Valhalla 3 0 3
Warlive 2 1 2
RED Canids 1 2 1
Cooldown 0 3 0
Eternal Rally 0 3 0

Week 3 Schedule

  • RED Canids v Cooldown: Canids look a little better this split compared to Cooldown, but not by too much. The REDC have a slightly higher chance of winning here, but not by too much.

  • Black Dragons v Eternal Rally: Black Dragons are still most of the INTZ team from Worlds, and they are still the top of the pack. This is a clean game win to Black Dragons.

  • Warlive v Valhalla: Valhalla looks phenomenal this split, as well, with no game losses yet. Expect Valhalla to win this one too, despite how solid Warlive has looked.

  • RED Canids v Warlive: Warlive (formerly Amigos Pyramid) has been taking games pretty nicely so far, ending up as likely a high midtier team. Warlive should win this set pretty easily overall.

  • Black Dragons v Valhalla: This is going to easily be the best game of the split. This is 100% the game to watch for the BGL, as whoever wins this should be the Brazilian Masters representative. It's unfortunate that this is only going to be a Bo1 set. I'm giving a slight edge to Black Dragons as they have more international experience, but Valhalla could show up big time here.

  • Cooldown v Eternal Rally: Who knows, man. Neither team has really shown up this split, and it's difficult to tell who should win this one. Honestly, the game could go either way, so pick whoever you like better.

AVGL Spring Tournament – Week 4 Discussion


Where to watch: https://www.twitch.tv/avgl Thurs, Mar 16 @7pm EDT/12am CET and Sat, Mar 18 @ 5pm EDT/10pm CET

Standings can be found here.

Week 4 of the AVGL brings us to the latter half of the main tournament, before the gauntlet stages take place. Some teams have really shaped up to lead their divisions, while others have led the pack for basically the entire split, and some of these standings will only further this week. The schedule for this week can be found here, with the Saturday schedule coming out later this week. Go watch and support the collegiate side of the Smite competitive scene!

Community Tournaments

SmiteCentral Battle for Valhalla – Conquest Tournament Series

Official Reddit Thread for the Tournament

  • SmiteCentral is going into their 3rd week of Open Bracket for the month of March with their Battle for Valhalla conquest tournament series! This is the last week of the Open Bracket, with the top 16 teams being seeded into a bracket next week to play for gem prizes. The tournament is open to nearly everyone, so go check it out! You can find out more information and sign up for this coming week's tournament on this page.

Did I miss something? Want to discuss the predictions and/or add your own to the post? Just hype in general for the first week of SPL action in Season 4? Let me know in the comments!

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