Week of March 1-6 Competitive Megathread – SPL, OPL, BGL, CSL, SCL and more!

New to watching competitive Smite? Seasoned watcher who is just looking for their weekly fix? Look no further! Here you will find the overview of last week's competitive games, as well as discussion and predictions for the games that will be played this week! As always, discussion is 100% encouraged.

Sorry that this is out late, I've had to deal with midterms and an illness, so apologies that this will be cut a little short in some areas!

Continued thanks to the Smite EsportsWikis page for their readily available statistics, as I would have a hard time keeping up with so many brackets.

This week this post will discuss the following (in this order):

  • Last Week Recap

  • Smite Pro League – Spring Split Week 3 Discussion

  • Oceanic Pro League – Spring Split Week 3 Discussion

  • NA Smite Console League – Spring Week 2 Discussion

  • NA/EU Challenger Circuit – Spring Week 3 Discussion

  • Copa Smite LatinoAmerica – First Split Week 1 Discussion

  • Brazil Gaming League – First Split Week 1 Discussion

Last Week Recap


Last Week's Megathread

Will be short and sweet due to time constraints, sorry!

In Europe

  • Sanguine found no wins this week against Lion Guard and Obey.

  • NRG dropped a game to Valance Squadron and looked a little shaky against Elevate despite taking both.

  • Valance also snagged two wins against Cyclone to have a pretty nice week, while Lion Guard dropped two to Dignitas to have an even week overall.

  • New Game Plus took 2 over Thy AI, while Deserted defeated Optimus Gang.

In North America

  • Some fun upsets occurred this week! Noble snagged a game against Luminosity, while Enemy got themselves a game against Eager. Noble managed to also grab a win against Allegiance.

  • Flash Point fell 0-4 this week against both Eager and In Memory of Gabe.

  • Luminosity took the set pretty handily over SoaR.

  • On Console: Strictly Business split with SoaR. Meanwhile, My Guys and Obey Alliance took both of their sets with a little contention over Elevate and Eternity, respectively.

  • Astral Authority dropped 2 games to Quignitas, while SPL Gatekeepers split with Unicorns of Hate (now Primal Militia).

In Oceania

  • Daddy DayCare (now Dark Sided) managed to split their set against Legacy and take a win over Noxide.

  • Dire Wolves took their expected 4 wins over PRETTY BOIZ (now Kanga Esports) and Avant Garde.

Season 4 SPL Spring Split – Week 3 Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Mar 2, 4, and 5, 1pm EST/7pm CET

Week 3 of the SPL is coming to you! Some teams have started to solidify themselves at the front of the pack, while others are starting to slide further back. This is the first week of roster changes for the NA side, which is important because locks will be happening soon!


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

eUnited took over the Enemy squad earlier this week.

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
Valance Squadron 2 1 0 7
Obey 2 0 0 6
Dignitas 2 0 0 6
Lion Guard 1 1 1 4
NRG 1 1 1 4
Elevate 0 1 1 1
Cyclone 0 0 2 0
Sanguine 0 0 3 0


Team Win Split Loss Points
Eager 2 1 0 7
Luminosity 2 1 0 7
In Memory of Gabe 2 0 0 6
eUnited 1 1 0 4
Noble 0 2 1 2
Allegiance 0 1 1 1
SoaR 0 0 2 0
Flash Point 0 0 3 0

Week 2 Schedule

/u/Necromann and I didn't get to talk as much this week, but these are still an amalgamation of our thoughts.

EU/NA – Thursday, 3/2 @1pm

  • Elevate v Dignitas: Elevate is playing with sub Nulisa in mid today according to Twitter. Even without this knowledge, this match feels like a 2-0 to Dignitas based on how each team has looked the last few weeks.

  • CycloneGG v Lion Guard: Neither team looks amazing, but neither team feels necessarily bottom tier (although both are lower in the standings). This should be a fairly even set. This one is going to be predicted as a 1-1 split, but either team could easily upset.

  • Noble v In Memory of Gabe: Noble showed up last week, taking a game off both Luminosity and Allegiance. However, Luminosity is a team that we've seen have off games before in the last few seasons (especially in the spring), so it's hard to determine what will happen this set. This is a VERY cautious 2-0 to BORKD, but if Noble takes another game (which they very well can) here we're going to need to start looking MUCH harder at them.

  • eUnited v Allegiance: This is going to be a very good set. With Benji back on eUnited after a full season, this squad feels potentially a little stronger, but Allegiance is no slouch. I'm expecting a 1-1 split here, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if eUnited snagged the set.

EU – Saturday, 3/4 @1pm

  • CycloneGG v NRG: Cyclone has taken games off NRG before, but I don't anticipate that happening here if NRG wants to still consider themselves a top team this split. This should be a 2-0 to NRG.

  • Valance Squadron v Lion Guard: Lion Guard has looked okay so far, but I don't think they will show up particularly amazingly here. If they 2-0 Cyclone I could consider thinking they snag a game here, but I think this is a 2-0 to Valance.

  • Obey v Elevate: This one shouldn't be close. Unless Elevate takes a game or more off Dignitas, I wouldn't even think about voting anything other than a 2-0 to Obey.

  • Dignitas v Sanguine: After Sanguine's games last week, there's very little chance they show up here unless they make some serious changes. 2-0 to Dignitas.

NA – Sunday, 3/5 @1pm

  • Gabe v Eager: Potentially the best set of the weekend. Both teams look hot but not unbeatable, and both want very badly to be the best team. If Gabe drops a game to Noble on Thursday, that could swing the vote a little. You can vote this however you want, essentially – I'm hedging on a 1-1 split for now.

  • Noble v Flash Point: This is Flash Point's chance to find their first game win and get on the board, as we've seen that Noble has somewhat of a weak game 1 against the teams they've played recently. Noble looks like the stronger team based on what we've seen, but FP shouldn't be totally counted out. I'm giving this a cautious 2-0 to Noble with the thought that FP definitely could snag a game.

  • eUnited v SoaR: Benji joins eUnited just in time to face his former team. If eUnited does very well against Allegiance, that could be a tell for how this set is going to go. We also don't currently know SoaR's new solo laner, which means that eUnited goes into this set with less of a question mark. This is a cautious 2-0 to eUnited unless SoaR manages to show up.

  • Luminosity v Allegiance: Both teams split with Noble last week, but that doesn't mean that they're necessarily even – many still consider LG the better squad. This vote is going to reflect that thought, giving it a 2-0 to Luminosity, but don't be too surprised if this splits.

OPL Season 4 Fall Split Week 3 – Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday and Sunday, 3/4 @ 2am EST/5pm AEDT/8am CET and 3/5 @ 3am EST/6pm AEDT/9am CET

Welcome to week 3 of the OPL! Like in NA and EU, OCE has started to see solidified rankings. A top 3 and a bottom 3 have very clearly arisen in this region, and it will be up to these bottom seeded teams to try to climb back in the next few weeks.


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

Daddy Daycare was picked up by Dark Sided, and PRETTY BOIZ was picked up by Kanga Esports.

Current Scores

Team Win Split Loss Points
Dire Wolves 3 0 0 9
Legacy 2 1 0 7
Dark Sided 1 2 0 5
Avant Garde 1 0 2 3
Kanga 0 1 2 1
Noxide 0 0 3 0

Week 3 Schedule

  • Dire Wolves v Dark Sided: Dark Sided has traded games with the second seed and the fifth seed so far, so they seem to still be treading around the middle of the pack. If they take a game here, then they could make a case for top 2 soon. However, Dire Wolves still seem to be on a roll, and I don't think Dark Sided is going to change that. Likely 2-0 to Dire Wolves.

  • Avant Garde v Kanga: Neither team is particularly notable right now, but Kanga did take a game off Dark Sided in week 1. Anticipate a potential 1-1 split here as both teams feel pretty even, but don't be surprised if the set swings.

  • Noxide v Legacy: Noxide is officially (and currently) this split's 0/X team in the OPL, taking up the mantle of many teams before them. They could maybe snag a game versus one of the bottom seeds eventually, but they're not winning versus Legacy. 2-0 to Legacy.

  • Kanga v Dire Wolves: This set happened just last week! And it didn't look amazing for the Kangas. Expect the same result, a 2-0 to Dire Wolves.

Season 4 SCL Spring Split – Week 2 Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV – Monday, Mar 6 @ 1pm EST/7pm CET

Week 2 of the NA SCL is here! Some teams showed up big time last week, and others did not do as well. However, this is only week 1, so there are still 4 more weeks of play to determine the top.

Meet the Teams

Rosters will be updated in the above spreadsheet soon.

Current Scores

Team Win Split Loss Points
My Guys 1 0 0 3
Obey 1 0 0 3
SoaR 0 1 0 1
Strictly Business 0 1 0 1
Elevate 0 0 1 0
eRa Eternity 0 0 1 0

Week 2 Schedule

  • My Guys v eRa Eternity: This is going to be interesting. My Guys have looked good so far, and Eternity didn't look terrible last week going against the Console World Champs. This one is going to be hard to call without more games under each team's belts, so the safe vote here is 1-1 split. Either team could take it, though.

  • Obey v Strictly Business: This one shouldn't be particularly close. Strictly Business looked to be about middle of the pack last week at best, and Obey still looks very good. 2-0 to Obey.

  • Elevate v SoaR: On paper, SoaR's roster is more impressive. However, that didn't help them against Strictly Business last week. Elevate also didn't look great last week, but they are likely still growing into their new roles. This is the one that Necromann and I are split on, which hopefully means it's relatively close. Between us, expect either a 2-0 to SoaR or a 1-1 split here.

NA/EU Challenger Circuit Week 3 – Discussion


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday, Mar 4 @ 10:30am EST/4:30pm CET and Sunday, Mar 5 @ 11:30am EST/5:30pm CET. At ~1pm EST/7pm CET, when the SPL starts, stream will migrate to https://twitch.tv/tiermonster

Official Tiermonster page for the Challenger's Circuit

The final week of the first part of the Circuit is here! The bottom two teams after this week have to fight the Combine teams to stay in the Circuit. Who will stay in after this final week and fight in the next section of the Circuit?

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
New Game Plus 2 0 0 6
Deserted 1 1 0 3
THY AI 0 1 1 1
Optimus Gang 0 1 1 1


Team Win Split Loss Points
Quignitas 1 1 0 4
SPL Gatekeepers 0 2 0 2
Primal Militia 0 2 0 2
Astral Authority 0 1 1 1

Week 3 Schedule


  • New Game Plus v Optimus Gang

  • THY AI v Deserted


  • SPL Gatekeepers v Quignitas

  • Primal Militia v Astral Authority

Season 4 CPL Spring Split – Week 1 Discussion and Predictions


Where to Watch: https://twitch.tv/smitelatam

Week 1 of Season 4 Latin American Smite is here! Not much is known about the teams currently as I haven't found any data online for the BGL yet, so predictions are going to be scarce. If anyone has anything, let me know! This section will be more full next week.

Predictions: ?

Season 4 BGL Spring Split – Week 1 Discussion and Predictions


Where to Watch: https://twitch.tv/esl_smite_br

Week 1 of the Brazilian Gaming League is starting up, as well! Unfortunately, like the CPL, little is known about the teams that are playing, so more information will be provided as it goes. Expect more here next week!

Predictions: ?

Did I miss something? Want to discuss the predictions and/or add your own to the post? Just hype in general for the first week of SPL action in Season 4? Let me know in the comments!

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