Week of Feb 23-27 Competitive Megathread – More Season 4 SPL, OPL, and more!

New to watching competitive Smite? Seasoned watcher who is just looking for their weekly fix? Look no further! Here you will find the overview of last week's competitive games, as well as discussion and predictions for the games that will be played this week! As always, discussion is 100% encouraged.

Continued thanks to the Smite EsportsWikis page for their readily available statistics, as I would have a hard time keeping up with so many brackets.

This week this post will discuss the following (in this order):

  • Last Week Recap

  • Smite Pro League – Spring Split Week 2 Discussion

  • Oceanic Pro League – Spring Split Week 2 Discussion

  • NA/EU Challenger Circuit – Spring Week 2 Discussion

  • NA Smite Console League – Spring Week 1 Discussion

Last Week Recap

Last Week's Megathread

Hirez's Articles About Last Week Thanks /u/snk8four!

In Europe

  • The most significant game of last week was found in the final EU set: Obey v NRG. Obey took good fights, got key picks, and snowballed the game in their favor twice to take the set 2-0 over the reigning World Champs – their first set loss since Super Regionals in season 2.

  • The new Dignitas squad looked strong in their set against Cyclone. They got off to a bit of a slow start, but they took game 2 quickly to take the set 2-0.

  • Valance Squadron stomped Sanguine, only giving up 4 deaths across both games with under 50 minutes of total game time.

  • Novus Orsa and eLevate had a fairly competitive set. eLevate took game 1 in fairly dominant fashion, but then Novus Orsa controlled and took game 2 to split the set.

  • In the Challenger Circuit, New Game Plus 2-0ed Deserted fairly easily, and then Thy AI (formerly Last Minute Monsters) split with Optimus Gang.

In North America

  • In Memory of Gabe took down Allegiance in the first NA set of the week. Allegiance put up some fight in game 1, but game 2 was a quick, methodical game with very few overall kills.

  • Luminosity fell behind 5k gold quickly in game 1 to Flash Point, but they crawled their way back into the game and snagged it in the end. Game 2 was not nearly as close – with 27 kills and 2 deaths in that game, Luminosity took the set.

  • Enemy played very well against Noble with their new solo laner, Eruzies. They ran through game 1 with not a lot of contestation, an despite a fantastic performance from Wowy in game 2, they took the set.

  • Game 1 between Eager and SoaR was close early, but Eager turned up heavily in the mid and late game to win multiple consecutive teamfights. Eager then took that momentum into game 2, closing it out quickly to take the set.

  • In the Challenger's Circuit, the newly crowned SPL Gatekeepers (formerly NeilMah) split with Astral Authority. Then, the Unicorns of Hate (formerly Cope is Still the Problem and PUH Town USA) split with Quignitas (formerly 1st Rounders).

In Oceania

  • In a not very close set, the new Legacy roster stomped the PRETTY BOIZ roster in two quick games. Then, the new Avant Garde roster took out Team Noxide in two games, although neither were quite as quick.

  • The other games were unable to be aired, but the scores for this set were: Legacy 2-0 Avant Garde, PRETTY BOIZ 1-1 Daddy DayCare, and Dire Wolves 2-0 Team Noxide.

Season 4 SPL Spring Split – Week 1 Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Feb 23, 25, and 26, 1pm EST/7pm CET

Week 2 of 5 of the Spring Split is about to start! This is the first week in which Thursday games will occur – 2 NA sets and 2 EU sets will take place on that day. This is going to be a telling week, with many teams having 3 of their 7 sets under their belts by the end of Sunday.


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

Novus Orsa was picked up by Lion Guard Esports on Tuesday, Feb 21.

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
Dignitas 1 0 0 3
Obey 1 0 0 3
Valance Squadron 1 0 0 3
Elevate 0 1 0 1
Lion Guard 0 1 0 1
CycloneGG 0 0 1 0
NRG 0 0 1 0
Sanguine 0 0 1 0


Team Win Split Loss Points
Eager 1 0 0 3
Enemy 1 0 0 3
In Memory of Gabe 1 0 0 3
Luminosity 1 0 0 3
Allegiance 0 0 1 0
Flash Point 0 0 1 0
Noble 0 0 1 0
SoaR 0 0 1 0

Week 2 Schedule

/u/Necromann and I discussed predictions again this week!

EU/NA – Thursday, 2/23 @1pm

  • Lion Guard v Sanguine: Lion Guard looked fine last week against Elevate, taking a game but losing the other one pretty handily. Sanguine looked pretty rough overall against Valance, but we don't know how they would look against a presumably lower level team. This set has a slight chance to split based on what we saw last week, but it probably makes more sense to give a 2-0 to Lion Guard.

  • Valance Squadron v NRG: Valance Squadron looked fine last week, but it was against a Sanguine that already had a question mark. NRG, however, had their worst week in a long time, dropping both games last week to Obey. However, they still are the World Champs, and one bad week doesn't mean they are out of it. The safest bet here is a 2-0 to NRG, but if Valance Squadron takes a game here we could be seeing the champs falter a little.

  • Noble v Luminosity: This set is very straight-forward. In theory, Noble shouldn't even be close to winning one of these games, based on each team's performances last week. This should be a clean 2-0 to Luminosity.

  • Flash Point v Eager: Flash Point looked good for the first half of game 1 against Luminosity last week, but then it was all downhill for them. Meanwhile, Eager ran train on SoaR after a contentious first little bit in their set. This one should likely go 2-0 to Eager unless Flash Point can really step it up.

EU – Saturday, 2/25 @1pm

  • Elevate v NRG: Unless NRG looks really bad coming out of the Valance Squadron set, they should be fine here. Elevate looked okay in week 1, but they are not up to NRG's standards at the moment. This should be a 2-0 for NRG.

  • CycloneGG v Valance Squadron: Valance's performance against NRG will be a large factor in how this set plays out. CycloneGG lost to Dignitas fairly handily last week, but they could turn up this week, potentially. 2-0 to Valance Squadron feels like a safe bet, but Cyclone could turn up and snag a win.

  • Lion Guard v Dignitas: Dignitas feels like a much stronger roster on paper in this matchup. If Lion Guard looks really strong earlier in the week, this vote could change slightly, but for now Dig feels like the better team and they should probably snag the win. 2-0 to Dignitas.

  • Sanguine v Obey: Obey beat the World Champs 2-0, and in an extremely dominant fashion. Not much else to say here. They look absolutely amazing right now, and there is very little chance that Sanguine can take a game. 2-0 to Obey.

NA – Sunday, 2/26 @1pm

  • Enemy v Eager: Enemy surprised some people with the performance of their new solo, Eruzies, as well as Varizial. However, Eager stomped all over SoaR last week, and it's hard to root against a team who not only was a semifinalist at Worlds, but also continues to bring impressive performances out. This should be a clean 2-0 to Eager.

  • In Memory of Gabe v Flash Point: Flash Point's performance versus Eager may be a factor on this set. If they manage to take a game off Eager, they will take a game off Gabe. However, it doesn't seem extremely likely that they take a game off Eager at this time. Flash Point has a larger chance of taking a game here than they do in their set against Eager, but Gabe also looked really strong last week. This is speculated to be a 2-0 to Gabe, but Flash Point can definitely surprise.

  • Noble v Allegiance: Allegiance and Noble both had subpar performances last week in their respective matches. However, Allegiance lost to what is presumed to be a much stronger team than Noble lost to. The favor is on Allegiance here, but both teams will need to step it up to get out of the hole. 2-0 to Allegiance is the most likely call, but if Noble works out some of their kinks as well, they could snag a game.

  • Luminosity v SoaR: SoaR has potential, but we didn't see as much of it last week as we would have wanted. If Luminosity somehow drops a game to Noble, this set count could be very different, but that seems unlikely. This one feels like a 2-0 to Luminosity. However, SoaR could step it up from last week and potentially split the set.

OPL Season 4 Fall Split Week 1 – Discussion and Predictions


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday and Sunday, 2/25 @ 2am EST/5pm AEDT/8am CET and 2/26 @ 3am EST/6pm AEDT/9am CET

Week 2 of the OPL is here! Most weeks going forth will now dial down to 4 sets instead of the 5 from last week. Two teams will continue to have double headers instead of the 4 from last week.


Rosters will be updated here throughout the split.

Current Scores

Team Win Split Loss Points
Legacy 2 0 0 6
Avant Garde 1 0 1 3
Dire Wolves 1 0 0 3
Daddy DayCare 0 1 0 1
Noxide 0 0 2 0

Week 2 Schedule

  • Daddy DayCare v Legacy: We didn't see the Daddy DayCare set against PRETTY BOIZ unfortunately, but they split that set whereas Legacy stomped them. Legacy seems really strong this split, and this set likely won't change that. This is expected to be a 2-0 to Legacy, unless Daddy DayCare regains their footing from last week. Their roster is good on paper – they just need to show it in practice.

  • Avant Garde v Dire Wolves: Dire Wolves look to be as strong as ever, and this middle-ground Avant Garde roster likely won't be the team to falsify that statement. This should likely be a pretty clean 2-0 to Dire Wolves.

  • Noxide v Daddy DayCare: Noxide seems to be the weak roster of this split, dropping two to Avant Garde early. Daddy DayCare's performance on Saturday may influence how the vote on this set plays out, but for now they will get the benefit of the doubt and give a cautious 2-0 to Daddy DayCare.

  • Dire Wolves v PRETTY BOIZ: Unless Avant Garde snags a game on Saturday, this set is pretty set in stone to go to the Dire Wolves. Currently, Legacy seems like the only team that could make Dire Wolves bleed this split, but we will have to see. This should be a 2-0 to Dire Wolves, though.

NA/EU Challenger Circuit Week 1 – Discussion


Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/HirezTV Saturday, Feb 25 @ 10:30am EST/4:30pm CET and Sunday, Feb 26 @ 11:30am EST/5:30pm CET. At ~1pm EST/7pm CET, when the SPL starts, stream will migrate to https://twitch.tv/tiermonster

Official Tiermonster page for the Challenger's Circuit

This part of the Challenger's Circuit goes on for 2 more weeks! Only one team in either region has solidified ground for themselves at the head of the pack. If a team gets at least 5 points, they have at least tied for a spot in the Circuit for the next section.

Current Scores


Team Win Split Loss Points
New Game Plus 1 0 0 3
Optimus Gang 0 1 0 1
Thy AI 0 1 0 1
Deserted 0 0 1 0


Team Win Split Loss Points
Astral Authority 0 1 0 1
SPL Gatekeepers 0 1 0 1
Quignitas 0 1 0 1
Unicorns of Hate 0 1 0 1

Week 2 Schedule


  • New Game Plus v Thy AI

  • Deserted v Optimus Gang


  • SPL Gatekeepers v Unicorns of Hate

  • Astral Authority v Quignitas

Season 4 SCL Spring Split – Week 1 Discussion and Predictions


Did I miss something? Want to discuss the predictions and/or add your own to the post? Just hype in general for the first week of SPL action in Season 4? Let me know in the comments!

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