Weapons Stats using Mercules904 Data

I am a relatively new player of maybe 8-9 weeks and I stumbled across u/Mercules904's thread with the spreadsheet with all the data on the weapons spreadsheet of Destiny. I threw the data into a data visualization software I have access to and sent it for him to take a look and bless before I shared with anyone.

There are 2 views of the data. One shows the weapons and then the stats for them broken down by type of weapon so you can see how auto rifles stack up against different auto rifles or hand cannons, whatever. You can filter and sort with drop downs at the top left of the page by specific weapon or weapon type. You can also sort the stats by click at the bottom of the stat column you want to sort by.

The other displays the weapons based on stat values that you select at the top left of the display. So all weapons are shown sorted by rate of fire for example and you can add other stats beside that as additional columns, all of which can be sorted.

Here is the link and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, gripes, etc… just shoot me a message or reply here and I will try to respond as quickly as I can.


Another little project I worked on is a comparison of time and type of play with my friend who got me involved in this game. It is formated for a phone turned landscape. I pulled the data from destinytracker.com and could do this with any player(s) I guess.


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