Weapons of Light Guide – Hand Cannons


Weapons of Light boosts your weapon damage by 25%, and with Illuminated this becomes a 35% increase. I'm writing up a series of guides to essentially to let you know which weapons benefit the most in terms of TTK (time(s) to kill) when running Weapons of Light as well as ILL WoL (Illuminated Weapons of Light).

These guides are also here to inform you on whether or not running ILL over Untouchable is even worth it as some weapons see no tangible reduction in TTK with ILL equipped. Therefor, you'd be better of running Untouchable, achieving the same TTK, and getting your WoD back faster.

We're going to start with hand cannons on account of them being the meta, as well as seeing a lot of interesting benefits from WoL and ILL WoL depending on archetype.


High Impact – ILL + WoL

If you run ILL WoL with a high impact handcannon, you can get a 2 tap kill with 1 headshot and 1 bodyshot (0.50s TTK), as well as kill in 3 bodyshots (1.0s TTK). Now you can run this without Illuminated and still headshot/bodyshot most guardians, but you do sub 200 damage, so high armor opponents WILL survive the headshot + bodyshot combo. I prefer the consistency of Illuminated, but it's up to your discretion.

Notable Weapons – *The First Curse*

The First Curse with it's signature perk active and Weapons of Light is a monster. The added range makes hitting your shots so much easier. Just pair it with something that does close range like a side arm (duh, in this meta) and you should have your bases covered.


Mid Impact – WoL

WoL gives you enough damage on mid impact handcannons, such as the Palindrome, that you can 2 tap enemies with 2 headshots, as well as kill in 3 bodyshots. Running Illuminated makes no difference on TTK for this weapon class, so run Untouchable instead. All Illuminated will do is increase damage at range, so just operate inside your optimal range and you won't have a problem.

Notable Weapons – *Eyasluna/Vendor Palindrome, Hawkmoon*

I mean, Eyasluna and Palindrome both go without saying at this point, right?

Hawkmoon has the unique advantage of being able to headshot + bodyshot opponents and 2 tap them with Illuminated assuming you get a lucky bonus damage on either shot. You also have an opportunity to 2 tap low armor guardians to the body if you get back to back lucky shots. Eyasluna/Palindrome is the better choice, but you can pull off some sick shit if luck is in your favor.


Low Impact – ILL + WoL

Running Illuminated allows for the 2 tap headshot and the 3 tap bodyshot. This is arguably the best hand cannon class to run ILL WoL on acount of the ridiculously low times to kill of .4s-.8s with 2 headshots or 3 bodyshots. However, considering you have to also use these weapons without WoL, mid impact hand cannons are generally the stronger choice on account of their reliability and ease of use.

Noteable Weapons – *The Last Word, Thorn*

Remember in year one when TLW could 2 tap to the head and 3 tap to the body? Well, with ILL WoL it does that again. This gives you a TTK of between .27s and .53s, which fucking ridiculous (like holy shit man). Pairs well with a sniper (with Replenish) to cover your range bases as well as one shot body snipe people all EZPZ like.

Thorn does not actually need Illuminated in order to 2 tap to the head and 3 tap to the body on account of doing DoT, so you can achieve year 1 Thorn TTK and run Untouchable. Even if your opponent runs Memory of Slimar, the DoT should still kill them from WoL without Illuminated.


I will write up more guides when I have the time and compile them into one giant mega post when all is said and done. But for now I figured I'd post what I had. Next up is probably sidearms because of…well…you know…

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