We were promised ‘surgical precision’ and a primary meta yet we are stuck with this shitshow of a crucible until D2.

No more nerfs they said, yet 20 out of 31 sandbox changes to weapons & subclasses were straight out NERFS

For the sake of every player in this game, I really hope, Bungie DRASTICALLY changes their approach to balancing and adjusting the crucible in the future.

We are currently in Y3 of Destiny 1 and primaries are still everything but powerful and viable options for combat. May I say they are lackluster at best.

Some will remember this quote from TWAB.

We’ve heard the conversation about, and felt for ourselves, Shotgun dominance (Yes, we see you Matador 64), but we feel strongly that our goal shouldn’t be to nerf them into the ground. Instead, we’re looking at solutions that could bring Shotguns into a better state of balance with the rest of the guns in the game. In doing this, we would still want Shotguns to be effective and fun to wield. We could quickly and easily break Shotguns and call it a day, but it’s important to us that we explore positive changes that can make Destiny better for everyone.

I checked the latest Sandbox update and they have listed 31 things that they changed about subclasses & weapons and 20 out of 31 changes were nerfs. So ~ roughly 65% of all changes done to abilities & weapons are straight up NERFS.

Doesn't matter if hand cannons are more accurate but at the same time their base range has been reduced twice(!!) so you need to 4 or 5 tap regularly. Combine that with reduced aim assist and magnetism and reduced damage after falloff and you hardly feel powerful.
Let's ever so slightly buff autos (nobody uses them anyways) and increase in air accuracy for scout and pulses (because you always jump with them, right?).
Destroy an entire weapon class because one weapon had HCR that was considered OP. Apply 6 different nerfs to shotguns individually because that's our idea of buffing them into the ground :).

But Whorewood and stickies > Mapador meta, amirite guise?

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