Come on Supercell, this game has been out for a year and clans have barely changed. Of course clan chest and battles were added but clans still are missing simple quality features.

Clans Need-

-More Ranks

Currently there is only 3. That's ridiculous. A clan can't be run properly with only 3 ranks.

-More Rank Features

Currently you can only kick people. That's stupid and not even an incentive to get promoted. Clan flairs and badges should be in the game.

-A Revised Clan Tab

Certain things should not be cluttering up the clan page. There should be multiple pages in the clan tab.

1 for chat

1 for donations

1 for clan battles

1 for friendly battles

It's annoying trying to carry on conversations with constant interruptions.

-Better In Game Aesthetics

In addition to these basic clan features we also deserve simple quality features listed below.

If Supercell isn't going to release cards or balance changes very often they can at least add better in game features.

-Some Features That Should Have Been Added

-A better battles/cancel button

Seriously wtf why isn't there an option for this by now? This has been annoying since day one.

-More Deck Slots

Again why is this still not a thing? It can't be that hard to adjust the deck page. Adjust it so we can have more decks that we can name.

-Let Us Pick Our Favorite Card

Favorite is not most used. Not in English at least.

-An In Game Friend System

This existed in clash of clans so I have no clue why it's absent in this game. Everyone doesn't want to use Facebook and its not Fair to force them to. There also should be a search player tab so you can friend players from other clans.

-Being Able To See Who Is Online

I get that privacy could be a concern but you should simply add an option to disable this. I want to know who is on BEFORE they start battling.

-Clan Skill Ranking System

We need a way to determine the best players in the clan. Ladder isn't always the best way to know this. This would be easy to implement- simply add a ranked friendly battle feature. This would allow for a ladder inside the clan. It would also allow for a better way to monitor clan activity.

-Vist Clan Feature

This also needs to happen. It would simply be a temporary pass to another clan. This would allow for inter-clan interactions. People should not have to leave clans to access other clans. It would be easy to implement- simply add a feature where you can request visit permission in the clan browser tab.

-More Emotes

To me this is just laziness on Supercell's part. There is no reason they couldn't have added more emotes. This is a huge problem for me individually. There also should be more 2v2 specific emotes.

-More 2v2 Features

Friendly 2v2 should be available on the weekends.

Also you should be able to see tge deck of who ever invites you to battle

There should also be a feature where the invitee should be able to see the person who accepted the request and their deck before they click CONFIRM search. A tab should appear where they can look at each others deck, edit or change theirs and chose to CONFIRM the battle.

That's the end of the rant folks.

Tldr: This game is over a year old and clans still have crappy features in addition to blatant lack of basic in game features.

If I forgot anything please remind me in the comments. This is our sub and it should have the right for in game features we want. None of these features would affect Supercells monetary dealings or such. These are simple suggestions from some of the most dedicated fans. Lets get our voice heard 100,000 subscribers.

Again please remind me of any other good suggestions!

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