We need a 4-player siege / wave-based mode

  • 4 players with friendly AI troops versus other AI (AI heroes and AI cannon fodder like in the campaign)

  • play as any faction against Apollyon's Wolves so that it makes sense thematically

  • set during or before the campaign

  • each wave the AI gets more intense and the waves become harder, different objectives every wave such as knock ladders from walls, defend the gate or drive back invaders in the dungeons that have dug beneath the castle and in to it, plus more

  • bring back voice actors for the classes and give the mode new lines of dialog between heroes like in Overwatch, such as:

Warden: "All strength. No skill."

Raider: "Want to test that, little knight?"


Peacekeeper: "Fwah. You call that fast?"

Zerker: "Faster than you, little runt."

Plus a bunch of flavor text, like,

Warden: "They're attacking the walls!"

Orochi: "Defend the gates!"

Raider: "They're getting through! Rahhh!"

  • every 5 rounds, Apollyon gives commentary like she does throughout the campaign to give players a sense of fulfillment

"Needless to say, I was impressed. How much longer could these little wolves hold out, I wondered?"

  • every 5 rounds, a boss round starts where each player 1v1s a difficult AI before they can move on to help the other players defeat their opponents

  • exclusive rewards that can only be unlocked in Siege mode

  • can call in catapults or arrow volleys from the walls and on to the field below to stop soldiers from advancing

  • Apollyon shows up every so often as a boss fight, when defeated she is injured and flees

  • when enemies breach the walls, players are forced back to defend the courtyard; if pushed back from the courtyard they must defend the keep, and eventually lose but get a chance at holding out for more rewards until then with increasing difficulty

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