We know that our characters are getting carried over to Destiny 2, but what about Grimoire?

I know we know our customised characters are being carried over, but no weapons/armour etc and I'm completely fine with that. Personally I couldn't care less about my characters or items being carried over to Destiny 2. I'm all for a fresh start, especially considering how much I hate how 2 of my 3 characters look on Xbox (my main console, made sure I didn't make the same mistake on PS) but I refuse to remake them and lose all my Destiny 1 progress with them.

But I'd like to see Grimoire carry over to Destiny 2 (or 3 or whatever we end up with during this "10 year plan"), slowly increasing and growing showing just how much you've played the game and what you've done to earn your "number".

I'm currently 100 away from maxing out my Destiny 1 grimoire, and it'll be a real long grind-fest to get that final 100 done, but if it's carried over to Destiny 2 I'll take the plunge and get it done. However, I'm not willing to grind out the last of this if it's going to be left and forgotten about come Destiny 2.

I'm super pumped for this next update, more so than I was for Rise of Iron, I've been grinding out Vault of Glass again in the hope of finally getting the Vex Mythoclast, but I really can't wait for more information on Destiny 2 at this point and what else (if anything) will be brought forward into Destiny 2 to show how dedicated some players have been.

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