We are back with a few more updates to our guild rankings site – and as always we want your input!

I posted here previously about the new guild rankings site that my boyfriend and I have been working on: http://raider.io

We went live at the end of January and have been posting new features to the site every Tuesday. These reddit threads have been absolutely amazing at giving us the feedback we need to shape our site into something the WoW community will want to use. So thank you!

I really have to emphasize how important the users are to us, because a site like this has a symbiotic relationship with its users. The more often people hop on the site to update their guilds, the more accurate our data will be – which of course makes the site better for everyone. (Or if Blizzard starts to give us time stamps of heroic kills – one can dream!) We really appreciate the people that have been following along with our progress and offering us ideas and constructive criticisms for improvement. It means a lot. 🙂

Since my last update these are the features we have added:


February 21, 2017  

  • Mobile support (note: guild pages just went out yesterday and we haven't optimized them for mobile yet)


    March 1, 2017  

    Filter the Realms list to specific Time Zones or Languages:

  • See only Oceanic realms: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/us/mythic/timezone/oceanic

  • See only realms in US Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/us/mythic/timezone/us-eastern

  • See realms designated for a specific language: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/eu/mythic/language/ru-ru


    March 7, 2017  

  • Search for guilds, realms, bosses with auto suggested matches

  • Disbanded guilds now hidden from rankings, with the exception of the Hall of Fame page


    March 14, 2017  

    First iteration of guild pages:

  • Guild progression across entire tier visible at a glance in the header

  • Each raid's World / Region / Realm rankings visible together

  • Per-boss World / Region / Realm rankings visible by clicking a row

  • You can click any of the ranks on a Guild Page to jump to that page in the appropriate leaderboard

  • Ability to queue guild directly from guild page


As it stands right now we consider the guild pages to be just the beginning of what we hope to provide. We have lots of ideas for information we want to present (loot tables, guild recruitment, etc) but we definitely want to hear from the community. Is there anything in particular you would find useful on a page like this?

We're going to keep plugging away on our end to push out new content every week. If you have any questions or comments let us know below – thanks!


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