Watched an hour of early streaming

What i have seen so far. Watched 2 streams.

  • No rudder control on helicopters but they did seem like they would actually dip the nose and handle better than in open/close beta. One streamer suggested they handled like in GTA, he did not mention if he had played GTA because he then stated afterward no rudder.

  • More skill tree options, only a few more, forgot to rewatch to check what they were

  • Stealth takedowns/interrogation seems unchanged

  • Other areas look pretty cool. Factories/Warehouses you can go inside with a good mix of hostiles/civilians. Bigger mansions packed with enemies. This was a pet peave of mine, very bland bases, but it looks like each area you unlock has its own unique feel.

  • Confirmed they did have to download a patch

  • Water areas look nice, enemies bases out on islands with rope bridges etc. looked good for sneaky amphibious assault

  • No noticeable AI team changes. Couldn't find anyone playing too seriously though and they had lower difficulty and all HUD options on so it was hard to see if they would be more effective.

  • Still got to que up with your team to tag and bag weapons & enemy cases etc thought for sure they would have changed this as it means you can only do it after the firefight or you risk getting caught. 1 person should be able to do this while others overwatch and still get perks, going by their logic with this they may as well have it so every enemy has to be killed by all 4 members once.

  • Can go to all regions of the map strait away it appears. One guy went to libertad, another somewere else etc.

Will post more of I find a better stream. All in all still looks fun.

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