[WARNING] – Poor administration of a semi-popular server

Server: ConanFightClub DEDICATED

The admins of this server are incredibly inexperienced and are incredibly bias in their administrative decisions. They are inactive in deleting structures, making buildings anywhere near resources very difficult because there is constantly abandoned bases. The admins are also a group of friends who clearly favor each other’s decisions.

The server was originally 4x ALL, but the owner (Terminous) changed it to 2x with the recent patch after wipe without consulting the majority of the people that still played on the clearly dying server (you can view the player graph). Many other changes were also made without consulting other players, and clan size and server size are changed based on how many of his friends he has in the server.

If you play on this server and raid the admin or his friends, expect to get on their bad side and thus be ignored when making requests or more harshly “disciplined”.

The server allows blocking of NPC spawns as well. The most recent patch the entire set-priest area was walled off by players. The admin decided that it was allowed, along with other areas being walled off as well.

After the admins were avatar’d/god’d, the admins increased the god summon duration to 300sec (5min) and decreased the god duration to 30sec. Again, without consulting the community and only talking to his other admin friends.

In otherwords, do not join this server if you intend to PvP or kill any of the admin’s friends. Admin allows unraidable bases and destruction of stairs.

… and yes I’m butthurt.

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