Warning! Do not join this server / admin.

Alright here comes the rant…

So my clan and I started last sunday the 5th of Feb on " New server Roleplay PvP ". The server has since then changed name to "rolplaying pvp survival- open 9 feb 2017".

Anyways. We started playing and was having a blast. All was going quite well nothing to complain about. We were abit worried because the Admin was playing on his own server. He assured us that he didn't have his admin powers or anything of that. We had played for about 5 days when it happend…

One night the Admin suddenly started useing his admin power to spawn monsters, explosive jars, NPCs and other random shit. He killed some people and destroyed some bases and pretended that he didn't knew what was going on. Eventually he shut down the server to "configure some files" and when the server came back up everything was wiped. 5 days of leveling, gathering, crafting and building all gone to shit… Because of that twat. People like him should NOT be allowed to own a server when he obviously couldn't handle it like an admin should

For future reference the admins name was/is "Valorblade" on Steam and his ingame name was "Volkmar".

Please do not support or join his server.

TL;DR – Admin got corrupt and wiped the server with no warning.

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