Walking Simulator 2017

First off I'd like to say, I love this game, and it's got really awesome potential. I understand it is early access and things will be adjusted. I'm bearing with the bugs and other things because I know those things will be fixed(hopefully) in time. My main issue right now in this game is the stamina mechanic. I don't understand why the character becomes 100% useless at 0 stam. I play on a high pvp/pop official server and I feel like when I'm out farming, or going to farm, I can't just run through my stamina pool and regenerate when it gets low, I always have to be watching it because I'll never know when someone is going to try to attack me. And so far what I've noticed, if your enemy is higher level than you and/or has more current Stam/less weight than you, then there's a high chance of them always being able to chase you down and win the fight. It's rare that I've ever won a 1v1 while at low stam versus a high stam opponent that snuck up on me. The only scenario where you win is if you've got superior armor/weps/stats. So I'm always cautious now. Always walking for the most part, because I never know when someone is going to attack.

What I'm trying to get at here is, is that I feel like the stamina mechanic shouldn't make you completely useless when you are at zero. Let me fight back. Please. Or reduce the damage we do while at low stam or something. I just really don't like how much walking I have to do because God forbid I'm at a quarter/half stam when my opponent attacks me when he/she is at full.

Let me know what you guys think, do you like the way the stam is now? Do you like being put at a disadvantage because you ran for 5 seconds longer than your opponent?

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