Vex Void DLC structure found on Venus!

Getting straight to the point. The YouTuber, NvUs Gaming, has gone to Venus, and has discovered a Vex structure that is similar in shape to that of one seen in a recent video showing off a compilation of Destiny DLC cinematics.

This is the DLC compilation video Link:

Here is NvUs's video Link:

Here is an album of images from his video Link:

The structure can be found when going up the gravity lift on Venus, walking to the spot in which the Queen captured the Fallen Kell, then looking off you're left in the foggy distance. Its hard to miss, seeing as its so large.

Obviously both structures are the same because they are shaped as engrams.

I am making this post to both, 1) give credit to this guy, and 2) make this finding aware to as many people as possible, get EVERYBODY talking about this.

TLDR: Big Vex structure found on Venus that's basically the same structure seen in a cut Vex DLC cutscene.

Edit 1: If my links to the DLC compilation video, and my Imgur album don't work those on mobile, view them in your browser instead. They both work find there.

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