Vehicle spawns 2k17 and others for fixing

Those things I'm about to talk about for fixing are some of the most common things on all our(players) heads, but they need to be discussed upon.

1.The biggest problem for me is (for a long time) the vehicles. I've been playing this game for 2 years now(almost since it came out) and I've seen a total of 10(?), maybe 20 cars all this time. And of course, by seen I mean seeing them from miles away, we're not even talking about having them near, that'd be a miracle. It is impossible for me to have been that unlucky to not find a damned car, so I'll assume what is actually the truth, hoarding. My question is; how hard is it to put a limit in bases? 1 vehicle per base? And of course increase the cars, there are 500 bases in each map. It is not even hard to find vehicle parts anymore to get the cars if found, so can we finally get this issue fixed?

2.Environment stability. I like the idea of zombies being a big threat and wolves chasing you and bears etc etc. But a ghost wolf which I cannot hit because he passes me through? Hah not my taste. A zombie which I hit 5 times and 3 of them actually hit the air, not good. I think the zombies should be even stronger and bigger in amount, BUT get more active when shots are fired or a car passes by. Long story short, make zombies run more after the strong, noisy guys, don't let the knobheads feel they're gods, but all this after they've been stabilized, of course.

3.Day/night. I don't really care about weather, rain and snow(tbh they better never be implemented, things are already unstable without weather), but I think the day/night should be longer. My base is close to a town, I can go loot once, maybe twice, a few houses and return. You gotta be quite careful so it's not tic tac toe, it does take time. On the other hand, longer day means more time to be aware of your surroundings, go get the wood you need, scout at long distances to be prepared for the night.. I guess you get it. I also think the moolight is too strong as well, you can mostly hide in buildings and under the tree's shadows, but shouldn't there be few to none shadows at night?

4.Stealth. There is no way I have a chance to get past a building full of people, even by crouching, cause my feet make the noise of an elephant's. Barefoot should be almost silent, thus being slower as well(like it already is), even shoes and boots should be a little less noisy, and make heavier people(backpacks, weapons, lots of loot) make more noise. Makes sense, doesn't it?

5.Spawn protection. There are many people waiting at spawns, killing others for not real reason but stupidity, so can't there be a spawn protection for like 10 seconds, just so you can get a head start?

6.Elecricityyyy! Hard as an idea to be implemented, but as a start we could be allowed to create some wires, a few lightbulbs, and we could use a car battery to feed them with power. Then, in the future, find a thin line to make the towns' houses be used to people to live in, be able to lock the doors, and have elctricity. Again, I know, it's a very complicated thing as an idea, and I know everyone has been thinking about it, but where are we on this part so far?

7.Last but not least, an idea about the KoS guys. They are EVERYWHERE, I've almost never seen a guy with a gun and bullets be friendly, both being alone and with especially with a group, so if Daybreak really wants to decrease the KoS thing, why not give an indication about it? Like, for example, if a player has killed more than 2 people the past hours there's a small red dot above his head or smth for a day. This just informs friendly people to stay away from him when seen, and not trust him. You can kill a guy, maybe two, trying to defend yourself. But 5 or 6? Nah, you're up to no good pal.

There are just some things that I think we all know need to be fixed and a couple of ideas for the improvement of the gaming experience. Feel free to reply below so we can discuss this.


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