Vehicle Skills and Customisation

This game has a pretty solid skill system to improve your character but I feel it could have something more; specifically vehicle skills and customisation. The game currently has a skill tree for Weapon, Drone, Item, Physical and Squad. These skill specifically improve your character's offensive and intelligence gathering capabilities but do not directly benefit your character while in a vehicle (other than the Car and Aircraft Shield).


I'm suggesting that there be a new skill tree named, Vehicle, which specifically enhances the vehicles you are currently in. The Vehicle skill tree will include:


  • Car Speed: Ground vehicles you drive have increased top speed. (5/10/15/20)%
  • Aircraft Speed: Air vehicles you pilot have increased top speed. (5/7/9/12)%
  • Bulletproof Tyres: Ground vehicles you drive and spawn have bulletproof tyres.
  • Bulletproof Windshield: Reduces incoming damage directed at both Ground and Air vehicle front windshields. (5/10/15/20)%
  • Mounted Gun: Adds a mounted gun to Pickup Trucks you spawn via the Rebel Support skill.
  • Minigun: Adds miniguns to Helicopters spawned via the Rebel Support skill.

  • Ultimate Skill: Auto-Repair: Ground and Air vehicles will auto-repair when out of combat.


Currently, the only way to "customise" your vehicle is to buy the VIP pack that gives you three gold painted cars, however let's be honest, that isn't customisation and no one wants to pay about $20 for three gold painted cars. I suggest that there be a Car Garage that is similar to the Gunsmith. The Car Garage will allow players to custom paint the vehicle that may be spawned via the Rebel Support skill and these paints will be available for free like the Gunsmith weapon paints (No doubt there will be paid one's). Furthermore, players will be able to add minor customisations to their vehicle such as:


  • Fog Lights
  • Bumper Bars
  • Windshield Mesh
  • Side Doorsteps
  • No Doors
  • No Roofing


So there you have it, what do you guys think?

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