Vault of Glass 390 Speedrun WR (19:29)


We had two people build the spire while the remaining four players entered the vault and proceeded to the conflux area so that we could start the encounter as fast as possible.

Confluxes can disappear at various times and as of this time we still don't know how to consistently get quick despawns of the confluxes but in this run we got reasonably lucky with good despawns for all three phases of the conflux encounter. We also originally thought that how long legions would continue to spawn for was RNG but one of our clan mates figured out what causes quick legion spawns which made runs a lot more consistent. We pulled of fast spawns for all three waves of legions which is where most of our time save came from in this run.

Next was oracles and yet again (as far as we know) there is more RNG here. The RNG lies in how quick it takes for a new oracle wave to begin. Three out of four times we got lucky here which is also where a decent amount of time save came from. If we would have gotten lucky all four times this run would have been ~15 seconds faster. We spawn trapped the oracles to make each wave as fast as possible.

Our templar kill was really good in this run despite me reloading too early on my Ghorn, losing valuable time. With the help of melting point and some celestial nighthawks we managed to kill the templar quickly and move on.

For the gorgon's maze we used an invis grenade which allowed us to sneak past the gorgons and to the exit. Patience was key here, we didn't want to rush and get caught and waste a perfectly good run.

At gatekeepers we got rather lucky on where the gatekeeper was as he was directly in our line of sight allowing us to kill him pretty quickly. We then had people begin to build the portals on each side and then we just did the encounter as normal, nothing really special here.

Finally, Atheon. We damaged him with sleeper with a tether applied pre-teleport to get maximum damage on him. Unfortunately I end up killing myself with a sleeper ricochet which ended up in the overall time being ~5-10 seconds slower (sorry guys). Once times vengeance popped up we had someone apply a melting point and we then put everything we had into him to kill him as fast as possible.

Put all this together and we managed to get a new world record for the 390 light version of Vault of Glass. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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