Vanilla server, on 4.7ghz 32Gbram 5oo/5oo connection. is looking for PVPERS with honor, We are hosted on a 500/500 fiber connection, on a 4.7ghz 32gb ram dedicated serverbox. This is a privately owned serverbox, not in a farm, so we have the full bandwidth. is the website with all our info. Server is in Norway, players from all over, everyone speaks English as a common tongue. I connect from Central Fl with no lag and no problems.

Running Vanillia settings, sleepers disappear from world. 3 rules, Offline raiding is not allowed, dont be a dick (but ganking a few noobs now and then is ok, because its funny), and have fun.


EDIT: Oh and in light of RIP Officials, we have blocked Asia and Oceania.

We also have a script active that backs the server up for every restart. You will never lose your progress. And if by some reason, hacks, we can roll back the server.

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