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Love the game but it feels like there are certain things in weapon custom and game play that are missing. After playing over 60 hours, I keep wondering why in single campaign you are the only one who can fly the helicopter and can't have an AI pilot do fly overs, deployment, and call for exfiltration? Rope repel is another key special forces tactic missing entirely. Roping down from a helicopter, rooftop or mountain adds another level of depth in infiltration. Playing with the weapon custom felt like some guns had way less options than others. Ammo selection would be a nice addition too. Having the option to select everything between armor piercing, slugs, bee hive, and smoke. The AI of the NPC's could use some improvement's as well. When they hunt in parties and don't react to each other being gunned down it takes away from the realism. Their reinforcements need to be larger for both Santa Blanca and Unidad. I only had seen the expected amount come to aid once while attacking a 5 skull Unidad air base after killing nearly all of them. Also air support options would be better than just 1 rebel mortar support option. Carpet bombing, napalm, laser marking strike, and AC 130 Spooky gunship firing. Maybe available only if SAMs are destroyed? Also moving and shooting bodies needs to make it's way in to the game. Would be nice if you could fireman carry a downed team member while escaping a hot zone instead of getting gunned down injecting adrenaline.

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