US Horde – A Reddit Dystopia N NH, M EN, H ToV Community Runs — 2/22, 2/24, 2/26

Hello there, Reddit! Filling in for Töömbz today is your edgy neighborhood Veng DH, Woedenaz! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! 🙂

It's been a busy month at A Reddit Dystopia and this week we have a ton of community events going on that anyone and everyone are welcome to join, regardless of experience. For all of these events, you do not need to be on our server (Bleeding Hollow) but you will have to join our Discord.

We welcome everyone to become part of our community, which does not require transferring (unless you plan on being in a mythic progression group.) You only need to join our Discord and participate in all the fun events and interact with all our great members, with almost 500+ active members in our Discord at this point.

For EN and ToV runs, we do not have any ilvl requirements, but for Nighthold we do recommend:

  • An iLvl of 865
  • Food/Flask/Pots/Coins
  • DBM and Discord (Discord is Required)
  • A positive attitude (we have a No Douche Canoes rule)

All posted times are in EST unless stated otherwise.

We got some real good stuff for you, doing some old raids, some new raids, some sorta ignored raids. There's something for everyone! Here is a list of all events we have coming up (and there is A LOT of them.) If you're interested, you can also find these at r/WoWARD and

TODAY (2/21):

Pixel Perfect Normal Nighthold @ 8:00PM

Taps Community Normal & Heroic Nighthold @ 9:00PM

Wednesday (2/22):

Team Golden Corral Community Normal Nighthold @ 8:00PM

Thursday (2/23):

Team In and Out Normal Nighthold @ 10:00PM

Friday (2/24):

Team JCS Community Normal Nighthold @ 8:00PM

The Melting Pot Normal Nighthold Part 1 @ 9:00PM

Team Waffle House Community Heroic ToV @ 10:00PM

Heroic EN Community Run

Chicken Bucket Late Night Normal Nighthold @ 11:30PM EST

Saturday (2/25):

The Melting Pot Normal Nighthold Part 2 @ 9:00PM

Sunday (2/26):

FuT's Normal Nighthold Beer Run! (Drunk Raid) @ 8:00PM

Team Waffle House Community Mythic EN @ 7:00PM

Monday (2/27):

Pixel Perfect Normal Nighthold Continued @ 8:00PM

As an aside, please do join our subreddit/discord and keep a lookout if you enjoy the friendly raiding atmosphere that we provide. We have groups looking for great players just like you!

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