Upcoming Character Balance ( NEW )

Here at Ubisoft, we love to listen to the community for feedback on our games. Here are some much need changes that we will be adding into the game soon.

Warden: Guard-break now interrupts any attack, and can now chain into a guaranteed heavy attack. Heavy attacks can be chained into guard-break.

Conquerer: Unblockable charge now flings opponents into space.

Peacekeeper: Increase movement and attack speed to 1500%. Can now collect golden rings around each map for renown.

Lawbringer: All attacks, including light attacks, are unblockable. Attacks inflict stun, bleed, nausea, clammy hands, and yellowing of the skin or eyes.

Raider: L E G E N D A R Y

Warlord: Headbutt speed increased to 600%, and inflicts massive damage. Headbutt range increased to 20 meters.

Berserker: Spinning combos now create liftoff and send Berserker into space. Added space suit.

Valkyrie: Nerfed weapon damage by 100%. Removed shield. Removed armor. Removed spear. Valkyrie relocated to customer service.

Kensei: Health increased by 1000000%. Mask removed. ( it was too scary )

Shugoki: Massively increased range and attack speed. Increased weight. Increased fat.

Orochi: No changes

Nobushi: Invincible. Attack range increased by 500%. Added three more spears. ( One for the left hand and one for each foot )

Added new playable Character: Chuck Norris

Thanks for the great feedback and support! The Ubisoft team thanks you for buying our games! And always remember, BUY STEEL!

(btw jk)

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