Unsolved Mystery: Reported & Banned By a Ghost

This is a true story involving my clanmate, Blaine.

I will be telling the story as if I was Blaine.

I was playing against someone with the username "ExoTicZ" He began spamming his laugh emote when he thought he was going to take my first tower. However, my counter-push made him look like a donkey. Per Clash Royale etiquette, I had to vindicate myself and emote him right back. After winning the match, "ExoTicZ" asks to join the clan. I let him in and say, "Hey what's up" and a few moments later, he leaves the chat. I didn't think much of it, just another salty kid. I played a couple matches after that and called it a day because I wanted to save my legend trophies for the reset. I wake up the next day with a 2-Day Ban. I'm confused at this point because of a few reasons:

  • I hardly talk in the game chat.
  • I don't swear.
  • I have never been reported before.
  • Supercell gave me a really vague response on the matter. Screenshot Here

I knew this ban had to do with "ExoTicZ" joining and leaving briefly later. I put the pieces together. Before "ExoTicZ" joined my clan, I had posted a replay a little before him, "This is what it looks like when you get your ass kicked by a lvl 13". "ExoTicZ" must have taken a screenshot of said replay and reported me with it. However, that's not the scary part…

After coming back from the 2 Day Ban, I check my logs and turn pale white…

"ExoTicZ" is not in my log. Almost as if he never existed. I did manage to get a screenshot to make sure I wasn't crazy. Screenshot Here

Talking Points

  • Why is it that Supercell cannot provide proof of why you were banned? League of Legends sends you proof on why you were banned among other games.

  • If Supercell really did erase one of my opponents from the log, are they trying to hide something?

  • Is getting reported by someone joining your clan for 2 minutes fair?

  • Is "ass" really a swear word, considering the context it was used in??


Supercell's Response

Fortunately, I won't be able to give you any information regarding this.


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