Unpopular Opinion: I like the grind in Legion.

I like the grind in Legion. Yeah I said it, I like the idea that the more time I put in to my character, the better chance I have of being better than other people who don't put in nearly as much time.

I hated weekly caps on resources and other things. I would have everything done by Thursday night, which would lead me to not able to progress my character the last 4 nights of the week. Now, I can still "grind" and further progress my toon to being better.

I get that people want to have multiple toons where they are all reliable and viable in raid scenarios, but I took a different approach this expansion. Instead of having 3 meh characters in Legion, I have invested 90% of my time into my main. Now I have one badass character who is, and should be better than other people's mains who only put in a 1/4 of the time I have.

Time invested + effort = reward. Right?

I like the idea that I can grind every night of the week and make my character better. I like how there is constantly something to be working towards. It is what that has been keeping me playing Legion since release now. It's so frustrating to be playing a game, and then to be stopped by a cap. Let me get my character better damnit!

I know this isn't a popular opinion. I know there are mythic guilds who are stepping down in progression and what not due to the grind, but it's not like Blizzard forced them to stop playing. Mythic guilds put in so much time and effort to be the elite, wayyy more time than the average player, but that is still their choice. If they are exhausted from it and want to take a break, they should! They shouldn't feel bad or get ridiculed about doing so either.

It is nice to have a choice in Legion. It is nice to have the option or decision in deciding if I truly want to step my game up and separate myself from other players. If you want to take it casual you can. If you want to be part of the elite minority, you can as well. Legion does this and creates a wider play style that caters to every player.

Again, I know this is an unpopular opinion right now. Just wanted to state my positive opinion on this whole matter. I am not trying to shoot anyone down or talk anyone down, so hopefully this doesn't come off as a rant or something along those lines.

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