*Unofficial* True Hard Mode

Hey guys! So like many I've enjoyed my time in HZD so far, more than I would have ever expected it's been incredible. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet though!

I finished my first playthrough on Very Hard, and while it was difficult at parts, near the end nothing was really giving me any trouble. So, I'm doing another playthrough with a few rules set in place to make it more challenging – and thought heck, others might be interested in this challenge as well! Now one thing that can be kinda smudged is tapping the touchpad on the controller to display the UI for any information, which is fine as long as you don't use it for every encounter. Anyways, hope you guys have fun trying this out! So here's my conditions for a brand new playthrough:

General Settings
Difficulty: Very Hard
Quest Pathfinding: Off
Waypoint Pathfinding: Off

HUD Settings
Compass: Always Off
Enemy awareness icons: Always Off
Enemy health bar: Always Off
Stealth symbol: Always Off
Player health bar: Dynamic
XP bar: Always Off
Quest tracker: Always Off
Inactive quest tracker: Always Off
Weapons and Ammo: Always Off
Tools and potions: Dynamic
Reticule: Dynamic
Oxygen bar: Always Off
Override bar: Always Off
Inventory log: Always Off
Concentration indicator: Always Off
Do NOT use
Only allowed to use Nora Outcast or Equivalent (No Perks, with no Mods/Mod Slots)
-No FULL HEALTH Potions? At the end of the game having 12 of them and being able to purchase them rather easily can be a bit ridiculous.
-Forage Tree? Removing the ability to use the Forage Tree might add dicey situations!
Discuss more below guys!

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