Unofficial Petition to Give Plan C an Exotic Ornament

Okay, so here's a list of exotics off the top of my head that have ornaments: Thorn, Hawkmoon, Zhalo Supercell, Monte Carlo, Bad Juju, MIDA, Black Spindle, Ice Breaker, Telesto, Invective, Trespasser, and Truth!

I don't see Plan C mentioned here.

This is a problem.

You know what else you don't see?

Plan C's charge time.

You know why?

Because Plan C is the best fusion rifle in the game.

Plan C is like, the cooler brother to Telesto, and Telesto has two ornaments! Two very cool ornaments I might add.

Why don't we take that glowly blue one from Telesto and give it to Plan C?

It'll look cuter on Plan C.

I need my foes in the crucible to know that I will destroy your entire existence with Plan C.

I deserve We as a community deserve a shiny Plan C ornament.

Plan C doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

Freakin Lord of Wolves and No Land Beyond are getting ornaments!?! Touch of Malice is getting some? Dragon's goddamnworstrocketlaunchereverbreath is getting one?! WHY? So your foes can see it once per crucible match as they laugh at you that you're using Dragon's Breath as they kill you with their Wormwood?

Plan C is love, Plan C is life.

Praise Plan C.

All hail Plan C.

Plan C needs an exotic ornament.

please 🙁


Edit: yes, I realize that it is way too late to have Plan C added into the update to have an ornament. It was more of a fun post than anything. I just wish my favorite exotic got some love! Lighten up, Guardians!

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