Unless it’s some serious titan forge or war forge, please don’t bitch at me in LFR if I keep a set of gear for transmog.

First: it's my loot. I can determine whatever the hell I want to do with it. I can literally decide to vendor it off and that's my choice. Even a Chaos Crystal is a valid reason to keep loot. You should be thankful if I decide to donate my loot to you.

Second: Opening up a trade window immediately is rude. Saying: GIMME THAT GEAR is even more rude. Trying to get a vote to kick is down right assholish. Harassing me after the fact is crossing the line. I hope you enjoy your ban with the numerous reports you probably got.

Third: LFR has exclusive raid colours for the tier sets etc. I like my transmogs. If I'm not going to start keeping gear for transmogs, when else am I going to get it? A year from now when Legion is over?

Fourth: There are many ways to gear up and LFR isn't the 'only chance' you have to get gear. Mythic+ is good enough, just having a guild and running Normals is good enough etc. I'm surprised how many people say they 'need' the LFR gear considering that there are far arguably more efficient gears to get better gear faster.

Fifth: Stop trying to roll and ask for loot you can't even fucking wear. Had a DK ask for a high TT'd cloth item. You literally can't use it, it will stick in your bags just to inflate ilvl. Stop. I'll give it to the Mage that really needs it, NOT to you even if you rolled highest.

Sixth: I can decide whoever the hell I want to give the loot too. Whether you win the roll I even call for or not, whether you rolled without asking or not doesn't matter. I could literally give it to the guildie and it would still be my decision to do so.

Seventh: In the very rare case that I get a very high TF or WF roll I sometimes can't even give you the loot (doesn't happen now, but happened a plenty during progressions in just Normals and Heroic raiding). You bitching at me for not giving you a loot piece you need and I myself doesn't particularly want is not going to help that I literally can't trade you the loot because it is the highest ilvl I got.

I was trying to farm some transmogs with the legendaries etc. in LFR. Not only do I have to deal with people who don't bother with mechanics, but they feel fully entitled to be an asshole and demand loot that they didn't get. Sigh…

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