Ubisoft: You have an opportunity with For Honor. Don’t blow it.

I first played for honor in the Open Beta, and I've since played over 30 hours. That may not be much, but considering I need to divide my attention between school and work, the fact that I've dumped so much of my free time into this game should say something.

I love this game. I love the combat system, I love the character customization options, I love how the faction war gives us all a common goal to work towards, I love the way the game encourages you to master it, and I love the community. There are many others who feel the same way that I do.

But this game has several problems that may prevent people from buying it or playing it once they've bought it. Including but not limited to:

  • MAJOR Connectivity Issues. Even people like me with a relatively positive experience have complained of serious problems with connecting and maintaining to a gameplay state.
  • Putting people in the same queue for Skirmish and elimination. Nothing makes me want to exit to main menu faster than finding out i've been put into a skirmish instead of an elimination, even if I've spent minutes waiting for a connection. Put them into separate queues like with Brawl and Duel.
  • IP dropping on PC's. This is less of an issue on Consoles, but people shouldn't have to worry about being booted from a gameplay session because some kid knows how to pick out their IP address.
  • Joining games already in progress. Even though i've been lucky enough to not have the same connectivity issues as everybody else, I can't count the number of times I've been thrust into Round 4 of an elimination match only to find most of my teamates are dead and my opponents are on feat level 4. The same is true of dominion. If the activity is so high in these modes, I shouldn't have an issue finding a match that hasn't started yet.
  • Failing to deliver on DLC promises. Where's my smoke effect?
  • A lengthy seasonal faction war system that doesn't seem to have any palpable rewards for us to lust after and fight for.

One might argue: "Well, once they've bought the game, we have their money anyways." This is true in the short run, but allowing these few gaping wounds to fester might will ultimately deter even the most dedicated warriors from playing. Fewer people playing translates into fewer people buying steel and potentially more bad press for Ubisoft.

If you listen to the community, you'll earn the dedication and positive feedback to attract people to For Honor and other Ubisoft titles as well.

Paying attention to the community will do wonders to mend your reputation with the gaming community as a whole, and give For Honor a much longer lifespan of profitability.

You have an opportunity to do good by us. Don't blow it.

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