Ubisoft will never learn from this if you keep lowering your standards for them.

I've seen some apologists in this sub and my god they come up with reasons for every con this game has. I'm starting to think they're devs in disguise. This game is coming out in a month, nothing will drastically change from what we have now. The AI? will still be absolute shite. The physics? again, shite. This game is what you would expect from modern Ubisoft. Bland, forgettable, riddled with bugs, unoptimized. Before you say anything, I've played on Ghost since the beta started and the AI does not improve. It's only masked by the 1-2 shot kill they gain from the difficulty they do not do anything special or learn new tactics. I wanted this game to be good since I was looking forward to play this with my pops but damn does it disappoint. This still needs a lot of work to be done.

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