Ubisoft Should be Ashamed of Themselves

Post-launch bugs are a reality, especially with multiplayer games. But I personally think that downloadable patches are one of the most atrocious things to ever happen to gaming.

Devs, namely you, Ubisoft, are abusing what should be used sparingly to fix minor hiccups, instead as a crutch to launch unfinished games and make the community spend $60 to beta test the game for another two months. Then they overload our hard drives with 30GB of data that should've been on the damn disc during launch. It's no wonder Sony had to add external HDD support to the PS4!

Assassin's Creed 3. AC Unity. Division. For Honor. Wildlands.

You launched every single one of those games with massive issues that should put you to shame. I enjoyed Division enough to tolerate the issues. I hated both AC3 and ACU with such a passion that I returned both within two days of purchase. And I'll be sending Wildlands back to Amazon today with how broken it is.

My suggestion, to everyone else fed up with this borderline theft, is to do the same as I have. Buy your copies from a return-accepting seller. When a dev launches a broken game, don't just shelf it and tolerate it. Return it and get your deserved $$$ back. Letting publishers like Ubisoft and EA get away with releasing pay-to-win, broken, should-be AAA titles by letting them keep your money is foolish and will only feed this machine of "it's the launch, the game's gonna be broken for like a month" mentality, which is BS IMO.

I don't pay $20,000 for a car with two wheels saying "it's new, the maker will fix it when they get around to it." I don't pay $300,000 for a house with no roof saying "it's new, they'll get around to adding that promised portion when they feel like it." And likewise, I don't pay $60 for a video game that requires online check-in JUST TO PLAY SINGLE PLAYER, when the servers are broken.

Ban me from the sub, delete this post, whatever. It'll only prove my point.

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