Ubisoft Deactivated My Gold Key and Won’t Do Anything About it…

I don't know where else to post this, or even if this is allowed, but hopefully this can server as a word of caution to someone:

I bought For Honor – Gold from Green Man Gaming (an official Uplay distributor) because they had a deal. I had a full price pre-order through Uplay which I then canceled with their support a week before launch. Support says since it's not even out yet, no problem. Launch hits, I play the game fine for a week, and then one day For Honor is grayed out in Uplay. Seems they revoked my Gold key when they refunded the pre-order. Hey, no problem, mistakes happen, and it's an easy fix, right? So I start chat support. They basically tell me to kick rocks because I bought through another retailer. "But they're an official distributor?" Doesn't matter, talk to them. I open a case with GMG about it… "We're an official distributor and Uplay made the mistake; it's their problem." Apparently I'll be kicking some more rocks. I bought another copy of the base game thinking I'll just play in the mean time and get it refunded or maybe get a key to give away here or something. Well, as it stands right now I have:

My original support ticket on Feb 27, 2017 My follow-up support ticket on March 10, 2017

And a multitude of emails.

Zero response.

My advice for anyone here who still hasn't bought this game? DON'T buy through GMG, and no matter what, buy with a decent credit card with a customer friendly charge-back policy.

Sorry for the rant, and if you check my post history you can see this isn't a pattern for me, but I'm kind of pissed I've dropped hundreds of dollars on both GMG and Uplay's platforms and I'm still getting screwed.

That's all. Hope you guys are having a great day chopping people up.

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