Ubisoft Customer Support rocks!

I was dropped into a late match against AI where my entire team were ghosting in spawn. Ghosting means they were using prerecorded macros to avoid being kicked for being AFK. My assumption is they use this to farm XP/steel for defeats without having to play the game.

Evidence submitted: https://youtu.be/TAE_k9rQ_QM

The transcript below was edited only to remove irrelevant portions.

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:38:06 PM): I'm just attempting to confirm the names

Me (2/24/2017, 9:43:03 PM): I'm curious. Will this be passed up to the devs? Perhaps there's a way they can block this behavior?

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:43:46 PM): I can't say for sure, I have just forwarded the information to the necessary parties though.

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:46:19 PM): I have confirmed the names and sent that off. I'm not sure of the exploit itself, but I do believe the parties that have received the email will look into possible causes.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:46:50 PM): It's some kind of macro software. My keyboard has it built in.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:47:20 PM): You can record actions and have them loop automatically as if you were physically typing or using the mouse.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:47:56 PM): I only use mine so I don't have to manually type out things I frequently say though

Me (2/24/2017, 9:48:07 PM): For example

Me (2/24/2017, 9:48:08 PM): tUbi nunc est Deus!?

Me (2/24/2017, 9:48:09 PM): tNon es doctus es.

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:48:38 PM): Alright, I can include that in my report.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:50:08 PM): Are bans handled in a similar fashion as The Division?

Me (2/24/2017, 9:50:15 PM): Meaning sometime next week they'll take effect?

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:51:17 PM): I don't quite know, since I'm not sure if we have made a formal process for bans in For Honor yet or if we are currently handling them on a case by case basis.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:51:36 PM): Are they handled by a third-party or in-house?

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:51:48 PM): We take care of them in-house.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:51:59 PM): Nice! Major improvement over The Division then.

Me (2/24/2017, 9:52:20 PM): Thank you very much Russell! You have a great one! 🙂

Russell A (2/24/2017, 9:52:24 PM): You as well!

Don't be asshats folks. Play the game if you want rewards.

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