UBISOFT: Allow us to rebind controller buttons

I've been maining Nobushi for quite a while now (Rep 3) and have been playing on controller for the entire time, as I find it more comfortable and in a game like this I didn't really see it as a disadvantage compared to KB/M. Because I use claw grip it's never been an issue that guard break is on X or feinting is hard etc. However I noticed a glaring difference between the two control options

While fiddling around with kb/m controls I discovered that Hidden Stance (and full block) are bound to a single button that activates them. However on controller these moves are activated by holding back on the right stick, which is also responsible for changing stance.

This means that by playing on controller not only is it harder to go into hidden stance as it requires harder execution -especially soft feinting- but it also means I cannot change my guard direction without leaving hidden stance, putting me at a direct disadvantage to kb/m players.

This problem would be easily solved if I could simply bind hidden stance to a button like on kb/m (Left bumper for example, why is such an important button being used for quick chat anyway?) however there is no such option. This is basically forcing me to relearn all of my muscle memory from time I've put into the game because it lacks one simple feature.

If keybindings are in the game, why aren't controller bindings? Please give us this one little feature so I can go back to my preferred form of playing

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