Ubi’s desire to appeal to a casual mass market will be the downfall of this game.

Let me preface that I want this game to be good so bad because the potential for this game because the potential for this game is immense.

That being said after playing both betas it was very obvious Ubi didn't know where they wanted to take this game. Who is this game for? Your marketing keeps switching from a Co-Op Tactical Ghost Recon to your usual multiplayer open world with explosions and silly shit.

Is this the Co-Op Tactical Ghost Recon we were told It was gonna be?

Or is this just another run of the mill jack of all trades open world multiplayer game to appeal to 'everyone'.

The game lacked very little focus on being a Ghost Recon let alone anything tactical what so ever. And you're forced to roleplay in order for this game just to feel tactical. That only shows me that this game failed to do what it was promised and instead played super casual and that of a co-op Just Cause/Mercenaries game and plays like a super watered down MGSV. For Christ sake Narco Road looks like a Fast and Furious/GTA V rip off with god damn racing. Why does every open world game need racing????????????

EDIT: Constantly saying how you have to play this game on Extreme+HUD off (which this game was not made for) and essentially roleplay shows how Ubi failed to do what it was promised.


Like many of us, I'm was excited to hear they were bringing PvP because it will bring some replay ability and longevity to this game. However after seeing the video its very obvious they seem to have ditched the idea of going a TACTICAL 4v4 PvP mode but instead including things like being able to mark enemies, seeing their health and where they are through walls. It also showed the 'red heat spot' that's in PvE but in multiplayer.

Ultimately I think Ubi's desire to appeal to everyone and make this game casual is going to be its ultimate downfall.

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