Types Of ghost recon Wildlands Players

Silence Man – The player who doesn't use a microphone, but tends to follow orders well and go with any mission. Occasionally will go down, but not often.

Standing Steve – You matchmake and this player just stands, will occasionally run but goes right back to standing. His sole purpose is to stand, were do they come from? Idk

Pass Around Soldier – This player is a noob, hasn't finished a single region. He goes to different regions randomly.

Recon Vet – This player is that guy who knows the name of every weapon, sometimes has irl military background. He usually refers to the HTI as the "50 Cal". He usually wears a ghillie suit and snipes.

The Undead Patriot – This player is the player who never gets spotted, finishes missions fairly quickly, and normally has a lot of regions accomplished. Usually just runs in the objective area but remains stealthy. He never goes down, but always revives. Usually carries a G3,MK-17, or ACR. Maybe even a short range sniper for secondary.

Kris Kozak – This player always snipes, always wears a ghillie suit, and never flies. They never talk on the mic, just snipe. They rarely change outfits, and if they do they only change the glasses they're wearing. This player has high long distance shots.

Running Man – This player always selects the next objective, never goes to what you select. Sometimes talks, sometimes does not.

Soldier Saddle – This player has knowledge of every weapon and know were to find it. Usually uses a G3 and has a secondary as a pistol most of the time. This player may go down from time to time, but knows how to get weapons and attachments.

Heavy Husky – Typical Heavy Gunner, carries around LMG's. While Udidad spots you these guys fire in the background at the the helicopters, extremely useful. But tends to get spotted fairly often. Loves going in "loud"

Olympic Spotter – want to go in stealthy ? Well bad luck for you if you have this player. They always get spotted. And it will be worse when you aren't suppose to get spotted. This player can't grasp the concept of "stealth". Usually says "what the fuck" when spotted, or lies and says they did not get spotted.

The Never Man – This player usually goes AFK and is never helpful. But is always at the end of the mission for the rewards. They tend to not do work, but want all rewards. The will talk for a bit then go silent. Then rinse and repeat.

Blasterful – This player joins with either a bad mic with echo or they have music playing, sometimes both. They play but usually are very frustrating to play with. They usually have kids crying in the back, or family members talking. They will occasionally say "uhuh" every once and a while.

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