Two real life vs two in game “exploits”

On a daily basis, I see people complaining about the fact that people are "abusing" the stair removal "exploit" right now. People using the stair removal method has essentially been used throughout history by means of a draw bridge. Another thing that people are saying is being "abused" is building on top off cliffs. This has also been historically used, with a shining example being the city of Wadi Dawan in Yemen. Just because there are currently very little countermeasures to these types of tactics, doesn't mean it is an exploit. The devs are working on said countermeasures as we speak, and hell some modder might even beat them to it. So cool your jets folks, and wait patiently for the devs to balance this out. I get that you love this game but seriously, play something else if you can't patiently wait.

Edit* What I'm comparing are the tactics used in real life vs the tactics used in the game. Obviously the game isn't entirely based on realism as I've never seen a colossal god attacking cities, along with a large majority of the creatures that appear.

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