Two Game mechanics that make the game less skillbased and competitive?

I want to start off with saying that I love the game and the decisions in game mechanics that were chosen were almost all good decisions, but theres two mechanics I'm a bit critical about. These mechanics make the game more random and therefore less skill-based and thus less competitive. So bear with me for a moment.

1 Respawn Cycle

The way respawning works in this game is that there are respawn waves every 15 seconds.

Now Imagine a 1vs1 hoy fight, 3 times you managed to land a full volley on the enemy hoy and killed the entire crew of the enemy ship. But imagine now, you killed them just as their respawn cycle ended which means, after dieing the enemy respawned in 1-2 seconds after they are killed. This gives them a lot of time to fix the ship and therefore they didn't sink. Now imagine they land the same kind of volley, killing your entire team but this time your team is unlucky that the respawn wave time just ended right before you got killed. You will be dead for 13-14 seconds, you can't repair and now you sunk even though you landed 3 perfect volleys similair to that before, but you were unlucky with the respawn cycle. Thats not really fair is it? Isn't it much better to have a fixed respawn time of maybe 8-10 seconds?

2 Fire

So I havent researched fire that much, but it seems theres a random chance (maybe 5%?) of each cannonball hit starting a fire. So in a case of where your hoy hits 4 cannonball hits and no fire, the enemy hoy can land 1 lucky shot and you get a fire on your ship and sails and thus potentionally lose the skirmish. Maybe we could mitigate this randomness by making fire happen when you hit the 'same' hole spot twice with a cannon? Or when you hit the enemy supply stack or the enemy cannon?

It would make the game less random and more competitive, what do you guys think? Excuse me if I'm misinformed on these game mechanics.

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