Two game breaking exploits that need addressing ASAP.

Loving this game so far, but have recently come across two horrendous exploits that have the potential to cause havoc on any PVP server, but don't seem to have gotten any sort of real exposure on this sub.

Im obviously not going to detail how to do them, but I feel people need to know that they exist.

1) Being able to launch yourself 20-100 feet in the air using a specific item in a specific way. This results in players being able to catapult themselves up the sides of cliff faces, over walls, on top of bases etc.

2) Being able to dramatically increase attack speed by spam-clicking a specific usable item on your hotbar at the same time as swinging your weapon. This results in huge increases in DPS allowing a player using this exploit to kill other players in a matter of seconds. It also works with tools, allowing for the ultra fast harvesting of resources and XP grinding.

A single player using these two exploits on server would allow them quickly XP grind to max level, then quickly harvest the necessary resources to craft high-end gear, then be able to catapult themselves into any base built anywhere on the map, and then easily defeat any other player they find in an unfair fight.

Two exploits that give almost admin panel like abilities to players and all you need is two low level items.

These NEED to be patched as soon as possible, otherwise servers are going to start haemorrhaging players every time someone chooses to use these exploits.

EDIT: Videos of how to replicate these two issues have been submitted directly to Funcom. I just want people to know that these things exist.

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