Tweaks, Additions, and Opinions

Beds and Bedrolls: I agree with bedrolls being bound to the one who placed them. That makes sense along with the one time use. But I disagree with the same mechanic being applied to beds in terms of being bound to one person. Also I don't feel I should I have to set a bed as a spawn point after every revival. Again that makes sense with bedrolls since they only have one use.

Crafting Stations and storage: Clan/Guild members should be able to access the same station at the same time. For those who say build more than one, I do. I do that to have each crafting a ton of one thing. Same thing with storage

Recipe Points: Not so much an issue when playing in a guild, but when playing solo you are either going to have enough points to build a decent base and arm yourself relatively well, or have a medicore base that looks awesome. Point is, a few more points to splurge on cosmetics while still being able to attain end game building recipes would be nice.

Speaking of Recipes: Perhaps a chance to find a recipe as a loot drop from a thrall. To be more specific, like how-to notes. For instance a note that explains how to make steel or what a specific plant when put in the cauldron will make. Something for new players to find.

Seige Equipment: I know a Trebuchet is in the works. What about ladders or grappling hooks. Would help make those "unraidable" bases raidable without relying on exploits (look at you explosive jar)

Crafting: Ok this one is more of me being impatient but specifically have reinforcements craft just a smidge faster.

World Map: I know there are mods for this. On the flip side I have yet to come across a server that actually has them installed. With that said, coordinate overlay for the map. To me coords on a map shouldn't even have to be a mod.

Guilds: If someone is in your guild, perhaps have their name appear as green or something when you approach them and make it more visiable from a distance. Pretty sure I have been hit and shot by more own friends more than the enemy. I know the devs are working on introducing dyes for this as well. But maybe I don't like the color of the uniform =P

Guild Log: At the moment doesn't seem to serve any purpose whatsoever. Lets put it to use. Have it tell you if a guild memeber dies and by whom (if another player) or what (if by the enviroment/thrall), if a guild member destroys something that belongs to the guild, if something owned by the guild is destroyed by another player (along with the players name and guild if they are part of one), stuff like that. I know the game technically tells you who killed you upon respawn, but its very brief or just doesn't pop up at all. PVP would be more fun in my opinion if we knew who we were at war with.

Avatars: At the moment there really isn't any defense against players in avatar mode. Also religious weapons are quickly outclassed and kinda pointless (although they do look cool). Why not have religious weapons do extra damage to avatars? Gives players some form of defense and makes the weapons viable. Here's another idea. Some if not most clans will run all three religions. What if the clan can set one of the three religions as the clans dominant religion while the other two be minor? The reason: Lets go with Yog. Yog is set as my clans dominant religion. SO if someone attacks my clans base with a Yog avatar, it will do less damage. If someone attacked with Set, normal damage since Set is a minor religion in my guild. Oh and once a clan sets a religion as their main one, it stays as their main one. That way they can't keep switching and abuse it. A cooldown could be viable, but it would need to be a long cooldown.

Again just a few ideas and I understnad many if not all of them are not perfect and could use some more though. But it is a start. Thoughts? Suggestions? Other ideas?

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