Troubleshooting the problems : Google DNS issue?

Hi guys,

Long story short, i suspected the fact that some people (including me, cause my provider is a lazy mofo), use GOOGLE DNS, could be part of the problem.

So i did some test.

Game with google DNS : – rubberbanding like hell – base take ages to load – once you go far (out of view) of a base, like, walk a minute, it disapear, and needs to load again (unplayable) – tree and rock pop in the middle of the base at loading, where they aren't supposed to – those tree are invincible, unharvestable etc but they have collision and annoys you – when you harvest, beside the usual lag, everything remain in position, but then invincible / unharvestable

Game with a public DNS : /

  • only the base problem, and rubberbanding (not all the time, mostly when there are building close, hence loading) remain

Everything else is solved… makes the game unplayable cause there are building everywhere now, but it fixed a lot of issue i had…

Maybe it would be wise to make some test, and take a look that way…

Feel free to comment, if you know what dns you are using, if you are having issue, etc, it could help 😉 or if you use a free dns, that works quite well 🙂


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