Trials is becoming worse and worse (I swear not a meta rant… I swear)

I just ran into a few teams last week and this week using a certain glitch with a specific subclass. The glitch will allow the enemy team to keep the round running even tho my whole team is dead. This allowed said enemies to build super.

Round 1 storm lock running all the quick super Perks, and skorri. By the end of round one this person had super. We win this round because they spent it at spawn.

Round 2 they camped, the other 2 players got super, and storm lock melted us with their super. Before the 3rd kill one of them committed suicide and self rezed when the round over timer was coming up.

Now the round continues as If my team was alive, but my whole team is dead, the stormlock stands next to player 3 who is running skorri and still has super.

Round 3 stormlock uses super again, player 2 commits suicide before the 3rd kill and rezzes again… Round continues even tho we are dead…

This continues over and over and over. Even when they win the game they do the glitch to get almost a whole minute of just teabagging and taunting as if they're the best players in existence.

Am I salty? Yes… Yes I am, but I'm more salty that players need to effectively cheat, and what makes matters worse is that this glitch has been around since the start of year 3 (iirc) and i don't think bungie can really do anything to stop it :/

I'll try and post a video of one of my games where they used the glitch. So you can see exactly what I mean if anyone is confused.

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