Trials in D2

Just a few thoughts on Trials in D2 (I know, some of you hate these D2 post, but hopefully some will enjoy it!). I had fun writing it!

This is a bit long, and am on mobile so I've done my best with formatting!


Personally, I like Trials. I think it's kept the game alive during long droughts, and is mostly fun to play (even though I'm not that good at it). So I would like it, or something like it, in D2.

Leaving aside frustrations about MM, connections etc, I think the main objection many have to Trials is that the weapon balancing seems focused to it, and its sub-set of the overall Destiny population, and those changes are often to the detriment of the wider game.


Accessing Trials

Once you reach max level, you get a strange message from a dude in a cowl to come and see him.

Go to him, get D2 Trials equivalent explained, and get a quest.

Quest is multi-stage, 75% PvP and is focused around training for Trials. With some story / lore. Example steps:

  • PvE mission(a) focused around speed of movement and accuracy, e.g., complete mission in 5 minutes or less with more than 30 headshot kills, take less than x amount of damage. Maybe a normal mission, maybe more like the gauntlet in TF2, with a leaderboard.
  • PvP objectives that make you use different gun types, get more than 15 kills in a game, die fewer than 6 times in a game but with kills of more than 10, play x games of certain modes etc
  • final step would be 'complete ten games with and average k+a/d of more than 0.9'

(All those targets subject to tweaking so it's not inaccessible to people, but some people may need to 'train' to get to that level).

After each bounty / step completes you get a reward, like current IB bounties. Each of these is an entry level Trials armour piece or weapon. By the time you unlock Trials you have a full set. TBD if fixed rolls or not, I think final perk should vary personally on weapons, armour can vary all perks.

Trials itself: gear

Only Trials gear can be used in Trials.

There is a separate loot pool (maybe based off other weapons, maybe not) that can be balanced independently on both base stats and perks. I'm fine with say LitC being on the handcannon, but call it 'Luck of Osiris', make it work exactly like LitC but it can then obviously be balanced independently of LitC.

Trials gear is tiered, but all can reach max light, and higher tier is different (aesthetic, archetype etc) but not intrinsically 'better'. All can have two types of ornament applied (see below).

  • tier 1: basic gear from quest
  • tier 2: drops from 5/7 wins
  • tier 3: flawless

Ornaments also drop at 5 wins (armour ornament) and 7 wins (weapon ornament). Flawless ornaments drop at lighthouse. Ornaments can be applied to any trials gear to give it the aesthetic of that tier. I.e. You can make a tier 1 gun look like tier 3 flawless with an ornament. In that case the tier 1 gun would also get the 'adept' moniker.

Bounties drop tier 1 gear (different rolls?) up to max light.

Flawless grants a tier 3 weapon (all types in the pool, not just primary), armour and ornament (weapon and armour). Also emblems as follows:

  • first flawless
  • 3 flawless in a weekend (i.e. On each character)
  • 10th flawless
  • flawless 5 consecutive weeks
  • 50 flawless (max 3 per week credit)

I'm wondering if tier 2 and 3 should have an intrinsic perk (or two) compared to tier 1, like current adept weapons. Or maybe the stat (like snapshot) is applied by the ornament so even a tier 1 can benefit from the 'adept' characteristic if the ornament is attached. Actually, I think that might be the best way to handle that …

Trials itself: mode

Pre-made teams.

Matchmaking as follows:

  • find games with good connection (actual good, not 'green')
  • pick a game on same wins on card
  • if no game, research for games and pick a game on same wins OR +/- 1 win
  • if still no game, return to orbit and host tries again
  • possible alternate penultimate step: prompt host to either expand search further on both connection and wins to force a game, or return to orbit

Trials itself plays out as now once actually in game.

Final thoughts

Thank you if you've got this far!

I'm not saying this idea is perfect, but it would be a mode that would keep me excited for Trials into D2. Just a carbon copy of what we have now would be a wasted opportunity IMO.

I've probably missed loads of stuff so if people like the idea, let's see if we can add / refine it and have a bit of fun with it!

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