Treasures of the Dawning – something Bungie got Exactly right.

So I didn't really bother too much with the Festival of the Lost. I got a couple of freebies, and the broomstick was a great touch. But I think what we can all agree with, is that Bungie absolutely nailed it with Treasures of the Dawning.

I started playing less than a year ago, and I thought Sterling Treasures were pretty neat. Every week, you log on and get a freebie. But I got most of the items pretty quickly, and then had to grind it out for the last piece of Desolate armour which I got last month or so.

Treasures of the Dawning has it all.

  • variety – there's so much treasure to get, and it's all smart loot
  • it's all cosmetic, so it's not pay to win
  • You can buy them if you absolutely need to get the sweet loots
  • We got the chance to earn a decent amount of extra treasures over xmas
  • The weekly freebie isn't complicated to get, it's not a chore
  • even if you don't get something you want, you can dismantle at least one thing for 5 precious silver dust
  • There's an incentive to go for a grand prize by collecting a full set of armour

I tried to kid myself when I started that I didn't care about cosmetic items, and that I was just a no-nonsense tough guy. That changed when I got attached. But yeah, Bungie absolutely knocked it out of the park with the great balance of these treasures. I can't wait to grab mine later today. Let's hope they keep the same model for D2.

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