[Tower Thought] Icebreaker in Current PvP is Payback for Y1 Icebreaker in PvE

Bungie has effectively played us like a bunch of saps with a Departed level long-con.

It all started back in Y1, when people would use the Icebreaker to cheese absolutely everything. Oracles, Nightfalls, their way into special ammo in the crucible. Everyone had a good time at Bungie's expense (haha design your levels better, nerds) for this. Was Bungie going to sit back and do nothing about it? No. They would have their revenge. In doing so they took the following steps:

  • Step 1: Remove Icebreaker from year 2 saying that it was broken and ruining their vision of the game

  • Step 2: Have everyone clamor for Icebreaker to return saying "it was their favorite gun", "the only gun that felt exotic to them", yadda yadda yadda. The trap is working.

  • Step 3: Wait a year and a half. Bring the Icebreaker back and listen to the cheers from the community. This is music to their ears because they know the plan. All of the icebreaker PvE cheese spots have been fixed at this point, so there will be no more laughing at Bungie.

  • Step 4: While the Icebreaker is being announced have shotguns/special ammo run rampant in the crucible to the point where everyone demands a nerf to special ammo. Now they have us right where they want us.

  • Step 5: Nerf special ammo into oblivion. Now every time someone dies, or a round of Trials ends, they will not have special. THEY KNOW THE NEXT STEP.

  • Step 6: FLAWLESS VICTORY. Have people use Icebreaker to cheese each other in PvP and complain about that strategy, the same strategy they used to cheese the PvE content of year one.

  • Step 7: Laugh uncontrollably. Payback is theirs.

  • Step 8: Obligatory profit.

Well played, Bungie. Well played indeed.

EDIT: For some reason my post was removed and then freed right after the other guy posted the exact same thing (albeit with way less humor). I'm blaming /u/MisterWoodhouse and will appropriately make him eat an entire bowl of spider webs

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